For some people, pets are as important as family members. They are, after all, part of the family.  While keeping a pet is one of the most amazing experiences one can have, there can be a lot of pain and stress involved if the pet falls ill. Pets require an equal amount of medical care, if not more, than human beings. Living in Pakistan, one of the most difficult things for pet owners can be to find good doctors for their little furry friends. Here is a list of the top 3 animal clinics in Lahore.

#3 Pets and Vets Clinic:

This is a clinic located in Defence H block. Doctor Rehan at this clinic is a highly helpful vet who not only listens to your pet’s problems on the phone but detects the causes of the problem very accurately.  The clinic offers a wide range of services and procedures for your pets. In case you are a dog enthusiast and require travel documents for your dog, this is a clinic you can consult. It is located in a central area of Lahore meaning it is easily accessible. However, navigate carefully through the market as you don’t want your pet to get disturbed by the noisy area of the market where multiple restaurants are located.

#2 Small Animal Hospital:

Dr. Hamid Akbar will listen to your problem and suggest an effective solution within no time for your pet. He is known to be extremely gentle with his little patients and is one of the most trusted veterinary doctors of the city. Perhaps the best facility that his clinic offers is the fact that animals that require hospitalization can be accommodated there. This is a facility not many other, if any, clinics in Lahore have to offer. Hospitalization can be a necessity in some cases, particularly after surgeries in which situation it can get close to impossible for the owners of the pets to take care of the little balls of fur at home.

#1 Asim Pets Clinic:

This clinic needs no introduction. It started from Model Town C block and has now expanded to a network of branches located in Faisal Town and Defence along with the original branch in Model Town. If you want to visit Dr. Asim, you may have to check which clinic he will be in at a particular time. In case you are a highly concerned pet owner (concerned to the point of paranoia) Dr. Waseem is the person you need to go to. Not only will he help calm your animal down, he will send you home tension free. The entire staff will cooperate with you till whatever extent needed. The clinic is open on Sundays too so you don't have to worry about emergencies over the weekend. What’s even better is that you will be at peace that your pet’s doctor is just a phone call away in case you worry excessively. All these factors along with the highly professional yet friendly staff is the reason why this is perhaps the best clinic for your pets in Lahore.