ISLAMABAD-An initiative is attempting to galvanize scientists and tech companies into open-sourcing patents that could help solve an ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The ‘Open Covid Pledge’ is an effort being backed by tech giants like Mozilla, Creative Commons, and Intel that has already made 72,000 patents available to researchers across the world. Other partners include Berkeley and UCSF’s Innovative Genomics Institute, Fabricatorz Foundation, and United Patents. Participating organizations are asked to post a press release containing an official statement that urges other to join the effort after they opt-in. ‘Immediate action is required to halt the COVID-19 Pandemic and treat those it has affected,’ reads the pledge being circulated online. ‘It is a practical and moral imperative that every tool we have at our disposal be applied to develop and deploy technologies on a massive scale without impediment. We therefore pledge to make our intellectual property available free of charge for use in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease.’