ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik Monday told the National Assembly that according to credible intelligence reports, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Chief Baitullah Mehsud had been killed but the government was trying to collect solid evidence in that regard. He was responding to a point of order raised by the Opposition Leader Ch Nisar Ali Khan about conflicting reports of Baitullahs death. The minister quoting credible intelligence reports said that the attack had been carried out between the night of August 5 and August 6 at 12:30am in which TTP Chief, his five guards and wife were killed. He said that as per credible information, Baitullah was dead. Obviously, it is intelligence report which is yet to be confirmed and there are certain parameters to confirm the intelligence report, the minister said, adding that the paramedics who treated Baitullah at the night of attack also told that they left him suffering from stomach problem on the rooftop of his house after administering him an injection. He added, We are trying to work out evidence in terms of DNA test and statements of members of the family. He said that after the incident, there was a small gathering of TTP in which Hakeemullah Mehsud, Waliurehman and other leadership got together to decide who was going to replace 'the chief terrorist. Meanwhile, Rehman Malik told BBC that Al-Qaeda is trying to install a new chief terrorist in tribal regions after the killing of Baitullah Mehsud. He said that the Taliban were in disarray and fleeing the area following the apparent killing of their commander in Pakistan and hoped the border regions would now open up to greater development. The minister said in the National Assembly that they (TTP terrorists) had taken the lives of innocent people by carrying out suicide attacks, however, he said Those who are interested in peace and want to surrender, we are ready to consider them. Malik told that the government had recovered rocket launchers, mortar guns and land mines from their possession. Giving details of the incidents which followed Baitullah Mehsuds death, he said that in South Waziristan Agency, a fight took place between Hakeemullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman on possession of Baitul Mal (treasury) left by Baitullah and according to the governments credible sources, Hakeemuallah was dead and Wali was injured along with Qari Hussain who groomed suicide bombers. He said that the government was following the 3-D policy of development, dialogue and deterrence. Unfortunately, development did not take place because of the situation, he added. He said that in a record time in history of Army and international military such a big area was liberated from militants. He said that the government was carrying out operation in South and North Waziristan but the operation was not against Mehsuds or Wazris, rather the actual target was Baitullah Mehsuds group, he said. He said that there were achievements as PM had visited Swat and schools and hospitals were opening there. He said that within three to six months, fixed scanners, mobile scanners and other latest security gadgets would be installed in the country. We are going to put biometric check posts along Pak-Afghan border to check inflow of terrorists from Afghanistan into Pakistan, he said, adding that he was ready to give an in camera briefing to the House on the subject. Earlier, Leader of Opposition in NA, Ch Nisar stressed the need for the formation of a National Jirga in tribal areas to ensure peace and harmony in the region. He said that a delegation of elders of Mehsud tribe had met him and its members assured him of their patriotism and loyalty to Pakistan. He termed it as a mighty shame that government should try to label every tribal as the wanted Baitullah Mehsud. He also criticised the volley of official statements claiming Baitullah Mehsud had been killed and at the same time a number of contradictory statements by government officials. He warned the government not to jump to childish conclusions or false analysis about possible elimination of terrorism just because of a single death. He also castigated the government for its practice of what he alleged impulsive legislation, which had hurt the confidence of Opposition. He urged the government to impart proper training regarding legislation to the newly elected members. He also expressed his reservations over quick adjournment of NA sessions, as it deprived one of proper disseminations of ones viewpoint and chance of debate. Nisar also condemned the assault on a policeman by a US security official, severely castigating the high-handedness of the American official he asked the government to present investigative report of the incident before the House. Earlier, responding to a calling attention notice on human trafficking, Malik said that the existing laws would be made more effective to curb human trafficking. The minister said that FIA, Balochistan Police, Sindh Police, Maritime Security and other law-enforcement agencies were in close cooperation to stop human smuggling to Iran, Turkey, Oman and UAE states. He said that Pakistani law enforcement agencies regularly held meetings with the security agencies of these countries to take measures against the illegal human trade. He said that recently 10 Pakistani job seekers were arrested from a ship while going to Oman. He said that the human smuggling was also done through sea routes via Sri Lanka and the government was also collaborating with the security agencies of that country. Earlier, the Deputy Speaker NA Faisal Karim Kundi snubbed PML-Q MNA Amir Muqam for his impolite demeanour of addressing him (Deputy Speaker), in the NA. The tiff arose when Amir Muqam wanted to speak on point of order but the Deputy Speaker wanted him to conduct the business, at which Muqam persisted and was castigated for his behaviour. The Deputy Speaker cautioned the PML-Q legislator to treat the Assembly as a House and not an unruly bazaar and reminded him to address the Speaker politely while talking to the chair (Speaker) of the House.