RAWALPINDI  – Owing to consumption of contaminated and sewage mixed water, residents of Arya Mohalla are suffering from waterborne and stomach diseases, besides the number was constantly on the rise as no steps were made to ensure provision of clean drinking water.

Residents talking to INP complained supply of contaminated and dirt mixed water to some parts including Street No#6 and 10 of Arya Mohalla and Muslim Colony causing diseases like hepatitis, diarrhoea and other stomach disease.

They said that despite repeated applications to concerned authorities to take sample of contaminated water to test it as water gives very bad smell and not fit for drinking. Mahammad Zahid, a resident of Arya Mohallah Street No#10 said that dwellers of the locality wander in search of clean drinking water, adding that concerned quarters have turned blind eye towards the matter causing immense problems to them. Residents demanded authorities to supply water to the dwellers from Hilali Mosque instead of Chaman Zar in order to get rid of contaminated water.