ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan expressed grief and dismay on the loss of precious lives and property in an atrocious series of bomb blasts at a cinema in Peshawar.

Calling it the most condemnable act of terror, he said that perpetrators of these inhuman attacks look for disruption of immature yet the most significant process of negotiations for bringing in peace to the nation.

He said since the commencement of dialogues, which after decade-long miseries and sufferings, remains a much-awaited task. Those who want to hurl the nation into another operation or wish more destruction and bloodshed have been disrupting the process of negotiations, he added.

He stressed upon an immediate truce and called upon the federal government and TTP to stop the vicious terror apparatus carrying out attacks on innocent civilians and armed forces and spoiling the negotiations.

The PTI chairman looked forward to complete medication and cure for the victims the blasts and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families. He stressed upon the provincial government to take immediate action against those responsible for such a callous act of terror.