Islamabad - Dealers of consumer electronics in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are seeing surge in the sale of television sets leading up to International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup 2015, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, which starts on Saturday (February 14).

The cricket fans in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are being witnessed in different markets looking for television sets. In Islamabad, according to dealers, majority of customers are looking for big screen TV sets while in Rawalpindi the cricket fans seem interested both in old-styled TV sets and light emitting diode (LED) and liquid crystal display (LCD).

“I am a big fan of cricket and for me nothing is bigger than the World Cup,” said Muhammad Younas, 27, who bought 42” LED TV from Blue Area Islamabad. “Big screen makes TV seeing full of life,” he added.

A market survey by The Nation on Tuesday confirmed a surge in the sale of big TV screen due to upcoming ICC cricket World Cup. At the same time, reduction in prices and some attractive offers have also increased the sale of big screen TV sets. Despite the growing craze for big screen TV, some customers, with limited resources, were found buying locally made low-priced TV sets.

According to Malik Naeem, Manager Friends Homes that deals in all brands of TV sets in Blue Area, as the cricket world cup is approaching the number of customers are also increasing. “If Pakistan beat India in the first match of the World Cup, it would change the whole scenario; more and more customers will rush to the markets for TV sets to watch the remaining matches of the tournament,” he added.

Pakistan will play its first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup against archrival India at Adelaide, Australia, on February 15. Pakistan has never won a game in the World Cup against India.

Apart from cricketing craze, attractive schemes coupled with sale offers launched by different dealers is another reason behind the surge in sale of big screen TV sets. “We have special discount offers; we have revised the prices of TV screen for the cricketing fans; there is a discount from 5 percent to 10 percent; we want our customers enjoy the World Cup with our TV screens,” said Muhammad Atta, Branch Manager Sony Centre Blue Area. “During this month demands for LED screens have increased almost 40 percent,” he added.

According to Tahir Majeed, Manager Orient Centre Blue Area, “The company has announced promotion on Orient LED. We have reduced the prices of TV screen for cricket fans.” Orient LED screens range in size from 32-inch to 50-inch that are priced between Rs 22,000 to Rs 53,000. There is a special discount on LED from four thousands to seven thousands per set.

Muhammad Sajjad who deals in electronic appliance in Aabpara Market said, “It is peak time for the sale of TV sets; majority of customers is interested in LED TVs but we still have clients asking for old style small TV sets, as they could not afford buying the branded big screens.” According to the businessman, 14-inch locally assembled TV sets in his shop were available from Rs 4,000 to Rs 7,000. He further said that during World Cup 2011, people were interested in buying LCD TV sets but at the moment LED has totally replaced the former.

In Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi, some technicians buy old computer monitors and after installing Chinese kits converting the computer-displays into complete TV sets.  For the cricket lovers, representing lower and middle income groups, the computer monitor TV sets are the best possible choice. Such TV sets are available from Rs 3,700 to Rs 4,500 in the market.

According to Khial Muhammad, a mechanic who produces the computer monitor TV sets to different dealers in Rawalpindi, due to cricket world cup the demand of his products has increased. “Due cheap prices, the demand of our products is very high in the market. More than 60% people buy our products due to the affordable prices,” he said.