The recent performance of the Pakistan hockey team in the last world cup was dismal and poor. Pakistan could not win a single match and returned home empty-handed. There was a time when the Pakistan hockey team was regarded as one of the best teams in the world and was famous for its field game. It also produced some of the leading players like Saleemullah, Kaleemullah, Hassan Sardar and Shahbaz etc., but with the passage of time Pakistan team has lost its grip over the game as more young players have not emerged. This is primarily because not much attention is being given to the national game and its players by the current government. This lack of attention and resources is causing a major retrogression in Pakistan. Pakistan hockey team players are also not paid enough remuneration as compared to what our cricket players are getting paid, owing to which youngsters tend to move away from the game.

Hockey is our national game and top priority should be given to it. To revive hockey in the country, the government needs to make more AstroTurfs in each city all over Pakistan and hockey competitions should be organized on provincial and national levels. Every college and university all over the country should be given a task to prepare a team for hockey, and competitions should be organized so that out national game can be revived and we can continue to play at an international level.


Karachi, January 23.