There was a time when the US was, somewhat erroneously, considered the custodian of freedom of press and individual liberties, the two most important ingredients of a democratic and humane society. This is no longer the case. A profound transition in the US has taken place during the past decade and a half. In particular, the laws enacted speedily in the wake of the mysterious 9/11 event, and subsequently, have led thoughtful people to believe that the US can now, without much dispute, be regarded as similar to a police state. This is both painful and sad, because the people of the United States of America represent the only human group which has the exceptional ability, the unsurpassed global reach and the strength of character to broadly unify mankind on humane and democratic principles.

Why is America now a police state? Why has the US Constitution’s spirit been ignored? Why is homelessness and poverty on the increase in USA? Why is US debt now greater than its GDP? Why is the US fighting expensive wars abroad when its economy and social sector need peace? Why has the US embarked on a trajectory of global subversion, intimidation and unparalleled violation of international law? Why is the government of USA lying to its own people and to the whole world? Why has the US goodwill evaporated worldwide? Why have almost 50 million people become “insecure” and are faced with the possibility of becoming “destitute”? Why is the US society fracturing? Why does the US government seem to be pursuing World War III? What is going on in the America of today?

The shortest answer to this question is that the US government, Congress and judiciary have increasingly come to be owned by a clique of international bankers. The NWO is an alternate name for a tyrannical and global regime foreseen by men like George Orwell, Eustace Mullins, and others. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), who wrote to one of the “handlers” of US Presidents, Colonel Edward House: “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in large centres has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

Jackson was President of the USA from 1829-1837 and fought the bankers tooth and nail. An assassination attempt on him failed. FDR was President during 1932-1944. We are now in 2012. In 2012, this continuously increasing ownership of US and Europe has become absolute. It is time for the “international bankers”, who like a parasite thrive on, and destroy, countries that host them, to make the final bid for One World Government.

A student of the operations of these bankers, Eustace Mullins, spent his life warning the American people of their designs. In 1976, he wrote: “Like Russia in 1910, America in 1976 has well organised revolutionary groups infiltrating every part of society, and especially into the religious, educational, and governmental institutions.” He added: “As for the press, one need hardly mention that journalism has always been one of the most sordid types of prostitution, and American journalists have eagerly allied themselves with what they believe to be the great power of the immediate future.” These powers are the cabal of international bankers operating through a vast subterranean human force comprising of overt and covert “societies” and “orders”. Mullins also wrote: “Despite the billions of dollars which Americans are spending on insurance, they are not spending one cent on any insurance against the only real threat on the horizon, that is, the certainty that all of their property will be confiscated and that they will be placed in forced labour camps to work and to die.”

A recent US government census report states: “Since 2007, banks have foreclosed around eight million homes. It is estimated that another eight to ten million homes will be foreclosed before the financial crisis is over…….Housing is a basic human need and a fundamental human right. Yet every day in the United States, banks are foreclosing more than 10,000 mortgages and ordering evictions of individuals and families residing in foreclosed homes.” The so-called “housing bubble” was the work of the great agent of bankers Alan Greenspan, a follower of the Rothschild’s Viennese School of Economics, who, for 20 years, was Chairman of the privately owned bank, the Federal Reserve, which has the power to print dollars and give them to the US government on interest. It was Greenspan who “steadily nudged the United States deeper and deeper into recession.”

The National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), signed into effect on December 31, 2011, allows for the indefinite military detention and internment of US citizens. There will be no appeal against such detention in any court of law. Professor Chossudovsky states that the NDAA “repeals the US Constitution”. The US may as well be under martial law. An emergency in the US, with all its sinister implications, is in the offing.

    The writer is the vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab.