David Bowie, the legendary rock star, style icon and actor passed away at the age of 69 today, leaving millions grieving worldwide. Social media posts started flooding in soon after the news of the legend's death became public. Furthermore, tributes are being paid to the legend all over the globe. Pakistani musicians, too, were deeply shocked and grieved at the star's death. 

Speaking to The Nation  Salman Ahmad, the popular Pakistani musician and rock guitarist expressed his sorrow at the legend's demise. "It is a sad day for global music," Salman Ahmad said. A huge Bowie fan himself, Salman Ahmad said that Bowie can be accredited with some of the great iconic songs of the 70's. Furthermore, Salman Ahmed brought into limelight the fact that Bowie was one man who showed the world that a pop star could also be a great lead which was proven by his film The Man Who Fell to Earth. "Peter Gabriel, my friend and a close friend of Bowie's mentioned that not only was he friends with Bowie, he was deeply influenced by him too," added Salman ahmad, emphasising on the strong influence that David Bowie had on his friends and musicians in general all over the world. 

Jawad Ahmad, another popular Pakistani singer and musician heard about Bowie's death through The Nation. He was extremely shocked and equally sad at hearing the news. "I am really sad to hear this. He was a great musician and a great singer," said Jawad Ahmad, adding that he used to listen to Bowie's songs back when he was a child. He mentioned that Bowie's latest music video, which was released just days before his death, is one of Jawad Ahmad's favourites. 

The creator of the popular song 'Alu Anday', Ali Aftab Saeed told The Nation that he deeply admired Bowie, "I really admire the number of albums Bowie produced. Very few musicians have over nine albums," he said. 

Other musicians and artists expressed their sorrow at the legend's demise on social media networks including Twitter.

Just days before his death, Bowie's last video was released showing him in a hospital bed, dying while another Bowie dressed in black scribbled notes while being overshadowed by an ominous skull in the background. Many believe that this was his way of saying goodbye to the world. Watch the video for yourself!