MITHI - The people from various walks of life gathered at Mithi Police Station to express their views during the a moot jointly organised by district police department and Civil Society Support Programme on the rising incidents of suicides in drought-hit Thar during past six years. The speakers held child marriages, domestic violence on women, extreme poverty due to incurring droughts, failing to pay the loans and some other reasons responsible for the incidents.

Tharparkar SSP Abdullah Ahmedyar expressed his deep concerns over the increasing suicide incidents and vowed to curb the menace by appointing the focal person to look into the reasons, which led the people to terminate their life lines.

He said that focal person would investigate each and every incident with the help of the nobles of area, journalists, doctors and other same elements to thoroughly probe the motive behind such extreme steps.

He said that it was really alarming situation that 276 persons including 152 women committed suicide in the desert district since 2014.

The rights activist advocate Kashif Bajeer said that this year alone 41 cases of suicide were reported from Thar and most of those were not properly investigated by police. He urged that each case should not be termed as suicide, which was the common practice by the area police adding he called for the registration of FIR of such cases.

Many cases after sometimes turn out to coldblooded murders especially of women in the region” he added.

On the occasion Bharumal Amrani, Ms Samtra Manjani, Ghulam Mustafa Soomro, Abdul Sattar Samoon, Sarang Ram and others speaking on the occasion expressed their deep anguish and concern over the dangerous trend among Tharis to end their lives mostly by throwing themselves in the wells.