HAFIZABAD-Former prime minister and PML-N stalwart Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the government, saying that popular mandate of the PML-N was stolen in the general election 2018 and converted into selection to enable Imran Khan to become “selected Prime Minister.”

“It is fear of the popularity of Nawaz Sharif that the opponents put behind the bar, but the forgot the fact “the line” still lives in the hearts of the masses,” PML-N central leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi stated while addressing a workers convention here on Wednesday.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi charged that due to non-serious attitude of Imran Khan and his government, Pakistan has become laughing stock in the world. He claimed that had the PML-N mandate not been stolen, Pakistan would have been Asian tiger today.

He said that due to unrealistic and anti-people policies of the present government everyone has been frustrated and disappointed due to sky-rocketing prices of all essential commodities.

He said that the PML-N leaders and workers are not afraid of victimisation policy of Imran Khan as they have faced dictator Pervaiz Musharraf in the past and would not bow down to the selected prime minister. He further said that the people have lost confidence in the present accountability process and questioned why Imran Khan has not yet been summoned in foreign funding case.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi challenged Imran Khan to arrest him if he has any allegation against him. He regretted that following startling disclosure in video talk of Accountability Judge, Maryam Nawaz has been summoned to appear before the Accountability Court, which, he said, is a glaring proof of victimisation and intimidation policy of the government.

In his speech, former federal minister Ahsan Iqbal said that presence of large number of workers in the convention is testimony to the fact that Nawaz Sharif is living in the hearts of masses despite the fact that he has been put behind the bar. He said that Imran Khan has plunged the country into worst economic crises and due to his incompetence, economy of the country during the past over ten months has been completely shattered, adding that the common man has lost his senses after seeing the inflated gas and electrify bills as well as sky-rocketing prices of all essential commodities.

“As a matter of fact, life of the common man has become absolutely miserable due to anti-people policies,” Ahsan Iqbal regretted, adding that Imran Khan had hoodwinked the people by raising slogans of making new Pakistan, which turned out to be mere lip-service.

“The masses have now become wide awake and are demanding old Pakistan in which a common man had been making his livelihood peacefully,” he maintained. He alleged Imran khan has pushed the country back to ten years due to his incompetence and blunders. Traders, industrialists and ordinary shopkeepers have been burdened with heavy taxes and they have started protests and shutter down strikes due to unrealistic policies of the present government, he added.

Maryum Aurangzaib, the PML-N Information Secretary, said that convention of PML-N workers is a message for the rulers that nothing could be achieved by victimizing the PML-N leaders. She said that country is facing worst-ever economic crises, which has deteriorated life of the common man and everyone is cursing “the selected Prime Minister.” She said that time is not far off when the new sun would rise on the horizon of Pakistan in the shape of Nawaz Sharif and the country would be put on the path of progress and prosperity. She further said that although Imran Khan has become “selected Prime Minister” yet he is still ‘munshi’ whereas Nawaz Sharif is still Prime Minister in the hearts of masses. She ridiculed “the selected Prime Minster” for visiting different countries with begging bowl and had become international beggar.” Former federal minister Saira Afzal Tarar, Nuzhat Sadiq President PML-N Women Wing, MPA Dr Muzaffar Ali Sheikh and other local leaders also address the convention.