A Netflix original, Strangers Things’ return breaks the record within the first four days of its release.

Almost over 40 million people watched the show as soon as it was released and according to Netflix 18 million users have already finished all eight episodes.

Stranger Things, since its release in 2016, has been one of Netflix’s most praised and culturally acclaimed series. It revolves around a group of kids who live in a fictional zone of Indiana in the 80’s. A ton of supernatural things and events take place that the kids have to deal with first-hand.

It helped Millie Bobby Brown in kick-starting her career, as fans absolutely adored her. Her acting skills knocked the audience’s socks off and she proved to be a terrific actress. It also led to introducing new audience to Winona Ryder.

With such high views and ratings, and fans going bonkers over how the third series ended, the ones who haven’t started watching it yet should definitely add it to ‘‘My List’’.