Indian police claimed on Monday that they have nabbed another Pakistani 'spy pigeon' near Indo-Pak international border.

According to the Times of India, the Ajnala police will get a Pak pigeon X-rayed to rule out the possibility of any coded message or miniscule spying object hidden in pigeons body.

The pigeon had landed near Shahpur post of Border Security Force near Indo Pak international border and was later handed over to the police.

Police inspector Paramvir Singh said the pigeon was handed over to them by the BSF and they would get its X-Ray conducted.

It is said that conveying coded messages through birds from across the border is not a rare phenomenon on the Punjab side of the border.

This is not the first time that India has suspected pigeons being used by Pakistan for spying purposes.

In February 2017, India claimed to capture Pakistani 'spy pigeon', they said it came from Pakistan and later told it escaped Pakistan due to police negligence.

In May 2016 from Pathankot, Indian authorities asserted to caught another pigeon carrying a stamped message in Urdu.

In October the Indian police clipped the wings of a pigeon they have caught from Bamial village to restrain it from “escaping”.