LAHORE   -   With a constant influx of actors in the industry, those with attractive appearances, skilled acting and on-point expressions don’t usually fail to captivate our attention.

Kinza Razzak, the new sensation of the Pakistani media industry is surely a complete package of all the above mentioned traits.

The character of Kinza in Dil Aara, has caught our attention with her diverse role and performance in the serial.  Her character evolved immensely when she transformed from Dil Aara to Begum Nawab Salahuddin and after, but Kinza nailed every attribute of the changing dynamics of her character.

Having a loving relation with her father, to being an obedient daughter for her mother, having a close relationship with her sister, a failed love, and adjusting to the role of a wife, and an unwanted step mother, Kinza Razzak has done justice to the character, portraying all the roles to perfection.

Kinza seems flawless with her expressions from the very beginning, and those in sync with her dialogue delivery, is a treat to watch for every drama lover.