PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has out-rightly rejected the delimitation of constituencies, adding it will create a lot of problems for the people and the political parties.

Sherpao said that it would also create hurdles in the smooth holding of general elections.

He said this, while addressing a press conference in Watan Kor, Peshawar, wherein Nawabzada Wahab Khan from the Pakistan People’s Party along with scores of his supporters announced to join the QWP.  The new entrants reposed confidence in the leadership of Aftab Sherpao and Sikandar Hayat Sherpao.

He said that the QWP had long struggled for the welfare of the people of the province that was why it was gaining popularity among the masses.

Sherpao believed that the new entrants would be a great addition for the party and would serve the masses.

He criticised the Election Commission that it had not taken the political parties into confidence, which would badly affect their election campaigns.

Sherpao said that the delimitation of constituencies create complications that the political parties would have to face in the run up to the general elections.

He said that horse-trading in the senate election had polluted the political affairs. Sherpao said that this trend should be probed so as to bring those responsible to book.

He regretted that the provincial government boasted about reforms in the institutions of the province such as the police, the health and the education sectors for political point scoring but unfortunately the situation had gone worse compared to the past.

Sherpao said that the sorry state of affairs had exposed the credentials of the provincial government.

He alleged that the Billion tree project was only present on paper and nothing was done on the ground.  Sherpao said that the National Accountability Bureau should thoroughly conduct a probe into the project. He said that his party was working for the protection of the rights of the Pakhtuns.


Staff Reporter from Swabi adds: Speakers at a public gathering on Saturday said that the agenda followed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was quite different from what they had promised to the people in the 2013 general elections.

Former MPA Dr Yasmeen and former district President Dr Muhammad Jaseem while criticising the PTI said that the PTI chief demand that the next Senate chairman should be from Baluchistan and deputy chairman from the Tribal region has negated his tall claim that he had given great importance to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa where his party is ruling.

They were addressing a gathering at their residence.

 The lawmakers said that the entire process of the PTI leadership was based on hollow slogans and misleading the people, adding that the slogan of change was proved hollow.

Dr Yasmeen alleged that the Peshawar Metro caused pushing people into more trouble. There are various other examples which show that the PTI had done nothing for the people of the province.

The big advantage was that the people now knew that the tactics adopted by the PTI leaders could no longer decisive them like they did in the 2013 general election, she said.

“We have decided to run a campaign to educate people about the PTI wrong policies, priorities and misleading the voters,” she informed. Pakhtuns had voted Imran to power but in return, they have been victimized, she deplored.

Dr Yasmeen said that the next senate chairman should be from KP. Dr Jaseem said that this was the time for Pakhtun to awake and knew that where they stand and what kind of treatment given to them by the ruling party leaders. “There is dire need of unity among Pakhtuns because they lagged behind in numerous fields,” he said.



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