A state or a system of government by the whole population (democracy)- when it becomes in crises. The grandpas of politics and manipulators get together and cross-examine; why these crises and how to deal with the crises? So, their six senses tell them that there is definitely some dispute and agitation between the government and opposition groups. In the parliamentary traditions this could be the only reason of the insistence or differences. But the regrettable thing is that battle between opposition and government directly damage the state institutions. The problem starts when the manipulators go with any that idea which can disgrace the institutions. All they do is deliberately. Before now, in past time we observed, at least political tycoons were much dedicated to resolve political disputes with very first priority. Since, they were not in favour to derail democracy. So, they were hesitated being worst in having such idea or policy. Today, when in politics we have multidirectional catastrophic crisis; everyone blames on opponents and they made baseless theories. In result, chances of dead lock are always sky-scraping. Whereas, nobody is interested to step-down from his position and none of them is curious to make fair constitutional illnesses. Now is the time to make fair constitutional illnesses, which is too essential as well. 

Similarly, these days when judiciary is extremely busy in hearing high profile cases and the judges have much pressure on their institution. Essentially, when judiciary is interested to ensure justice, we are not supporting? Moreover, unsupported coverage on main stream media and social media is resulting bad effect. 

In fact, we are dealing with challenging time. When no person has any idea about current political scenario? I witness, many senior and even serious politicians are not confident about to comment on present politics picture. They are also confused; what possibly will be happen, they do not know. Even they are not in a position to offer us hope. No positive discussion is happening anymore. At this moment, politics definition is to blame and to agitate. I’m not finding parliamentary debates on TV talks; TV is broadcasting each evil but not giving any conclusion of any debate. Rather, I found sensationalism, sensationalism and just sensationalism. We frequently observed many processions and sit-ins each day and I confuse about the purpose. I find no justification and validation. I became unable to find someone who will demand change in system and relief for public. This is just because, these crises do not belong to our politicians and so-called public servants. What we gather from these processions is hate and abuse for others. This becomes very ridiculous that party founders, political leaders, ministers and even political workers are criticising our judiciary and those judgments produced by the courts. Which is not based on morality? 

Since, last day Chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar feel an urge to say that all incumbent leaders are respectable for them. He also lamented ‘what media has made of court observations.’ He said the media runs court observations out of context and then a response also comes. In the perspective of political cases of former Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and other political leaders, they need to keep in mind that one manmade mistake can be ignorable at once but attempting each mistake wouldn’t be ignored and allowed to repeat. Political process should be continued but it looks quite pretty if it’s in certain limits and space. There is nothing wrong with the democracy, but fighting with the state institutions don’t need any suicide to attack on state. 

This is very good sign that PTI is get together to review and revisit their party constitution which is excellent idea by the way. Other parties have also need to focus on that rather spreading hate and insult; they should focus on upcoming general election. Because “Dama-Dam Mast Kalandar” policy is tough to practice in real politics. 

At the end I’ve concluded that Patience, consideration, altruism, kindness, listening, humility, modesty, loyalty, truthfulness, compassion, empathy, charity, helpfulness, strong work ethics, perseverance, commitment, tolerance (the real kind not just for folks you like), cooperation, respect, teamwork, honour, integrity, faithfulness, forgiveness and many other desirable behaviours are on the decline. While, all the above behaviours come from putting others ahead of yourself. If you put yourself first, the floodgate opens to any evil or measure to get what you want ahead of everyone else. The focus shifts from all things external to all things internal and if you are always looking inward you are essentially blind and ignorant. 

We need to learn the lesson that united we stand, divided we fall. If individuals of a certain group with binding ideals – such as a union, coalition, confederation or alliance – work on their own instead of as a team, they are each doomed to fail and will all be defeated. 


Islamabad, March 10.