I want to invite the attention of the Punjab Highways Department towards the construction of a dual road from Bhalwal to Sargodha. It is a very busy route. The number of travelling vehicles is increasing day by day, and one single road is now insufficient. Overtaking, reckless driving, and over speeding have now become our hallmark. On this road, there is local traffic consisting of motor cycles, cycle rickshaws, and tractor trolleys; sugarcane trolleys are also rampant.

When one disembarks from the Motorway at Salam Interchange and starts his journey down the Bhalwal-Sargodha road, the driver has to change his mindset drastically while driving on this single road. However, majority of the drivers do not bother, hence reckless driving is significant on this road. I earnestly request to NHA and Punjab Highways Department to pay heed to such an important internal road. I propose that a dual road be constructed for the easy movement of traffic and for the avoidance of accidents. After maintaining the quality of motorways, the provincial government needs to pay heed to the construction of important internal link roads.


Islamabad, February 21.