MARDAN - Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) President Zahir Shah on Sunday demanded the government should not impose more taxes on the taxpayers instead include more people in the tax network.  Talking to The Nation, he also demanded that the government conduct audit once in five years of the traders. Zahir Shah who is also president of Markaz-e-Tajiran said that the traders are fed up with the audits of several times in a year. He added that the audit should be conduct once in five years.

He added that instead of including more people in the tax net the government is imposing more taxes on taxpayers. He added that several types of taxes were imposed on traders. He added that due to this reason people are not giving the tax and don’t join the tax network.

“Government should introduce easiness and facility in the tax system,” he added. He added that government should activate the arbitration system. “After the functionality of arbitration the traders will get rid of court cases and government will also be safe from great loss,” he added.  He added that government has established several institutions for the promotion of trade but unfortunately these institutions aren’t properly working. He added that government established CCP to promote competition in market and promote trade but this institution is not properly working.

He added that the big traders and industrialist are creating problems for the small businessmen who want to invest in the business. He added that it is need of time that government promotes small business. “If government gives opportunity to small business it will give support to the big industry of the country”, he argued. Zahir Shah added that government made such a policy regarding CPEC so that the traders shouldn’t effect from this game changer project.

Zahir Shah added that Chamber of commerce and industry is an international institution and it link with institution of other countries through Federation of Pakistan. He added that chamber of commerce and industry play a role of bridge between the local traders, businessman and the traders and businessmen of different parts of the country and other countries. He added that chamber of commerce and industry provide opportunity to the local traders, businessmen and industrialist.  He added that MCCI for the promotion of trade signed a MoU with Ukraine, with American consulate.

Zahir Shah added that representatives of MCCI will also very soon visit to China and will sign a MoU with the Chinese traders. He added that the visit of China will provide more opportunities to the traders of the region. He added that there are great opportunities with the traders of Mardan region to export their products to other countries including marbles, flour, vegetables, fruits and other items.  He added that we can easily do export and import with central Asia countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

He added that MCCI has also sign a MoU with the Indian camber whoever the MoU was expired and if the relation between Pakistan and India become better we will revisit this MoU. However he added that in the current situation we avoid this MoU.  He added that in regarding of SMEs Mardan chamber has signed MoU with SAMDA, BoI, state bank and some other banks. He added that MCCI try it best to provide better opportunities to the traders of Mardan.