Lahore  -    The Lahore High Court on Friday ordered the Kunjah police of Gujarat to recover and present a woman allegedly kidnapped for Vani.

Justice Farooq Haider was hearing a petition for the recovery of 20-year-old woman from Darra Adam Khel. Her counsel Imran Ghuman told the court that the father of the woman fled to the United Kingdom because of a personal dispute in Darra Adam Khel while she and her mother took refuge in Lahore.

She went missing for a few days allegedly for Vani – exchange of girls/women to settle scores, the court heard. The petitioner submitted the recovery be ensured and her vani not to be permitted. The petition stated that if she was not recovered, the people in Darra Adam Khel would take her to Khyber Pakthunkhwa where she would be forcibly married in exchange.

In another case, a Punjab government representative told the Lahore High Court that 16 out of 56 public sector companies were closed while the fate of 20 others was to to be decided as yet.

The government representative submitted a report to the Lahore High Court regarding the closure of 16 out of 56 public sector companies. The law officer submitted before Justice Shajid Karim that following 16 companies  have been wounded up and are no longer operational: Punjab Biotechnology Company, Punjab Raod Infrastructure Company, Board F Investment and Trade Company, Punjab Environment and Affluent Company, Punjab Culture and Outrach Company, Punjab Dairy Corporation, Punjab Meat Processing Company Ltd, Punjab Fundamental for Rehabilitation of Special Person Company, Punjab Coal Power Company, Punjab Renewable Energy Company Ltd, Punjab Working Woman Endowment Fund Company, Ravi Zone Development Company, Inland Water Transport Development Company, Faisalabad Environment Management Company, Technical And Vocational Education Training  Development Company, Quaid-e-Azam Hydel Power  Company, Quaid-e-Azam Wind Power Company, Lahore Water and Sanitation Company Punjab Entertainment Company.

The court directed the law officer to complete the decision making process about the other 20 companies within three weeks whether to keep them operational or not. The court showed resentment and directed the law officer that the court cannot delay the matter as already the court had given six months to decide the issue.

The judge also directed the Punjab govt to submit a report after conducting a meeting regarding closure of other 20 companies within three weeks. The law officer said that 38 companies including abovementioned 20 firms would remain operational as per the decision of incumbent Punjab government.

After hearing the arguments, the court adjourned the hearing until June. 16.

Sheraz Zaka Advocate on behalf of the petitioner submitted that the Punjab government should be restrained from making political appointments. He submitted that these public sector companies are impinging upon the powers of local government that are to function under Article 140A of the Constitution.