PESHAWAR                -             The police have arrested nine people in multiple murders in Mardan district, a senior official a press conference on Sunday.

District Police Officer Sajjad Khan said that three people were killed Saturday night in the limits of Saddar Police Station. The police traced and arrested all the four accused in the triple murder case.

“Two Kalashnikovs, one Kalakov, two pistols and a car used in the attack were also sized from the four arrestees,” Sajjad said.

In another raid, the police arrested six accused in­cluding four hired assassins and solved the blind mur­der case. “We had recovered a body on May 6 in Sadd­ar area, which was identified as Janas Khan, whose case we investigated and made the arrests,” he added.

He said the arrestees included Atif Khan, a relative of the deceased, Mujahid Khan, a neighbor of the de­ceased, and four hired assassins identified as Usman, Alamzeb, Khush Rang and Ismail.