JAKARTA (AFP) - US First Lady Michelle Obama was a picture of modest elegance as she visited Southeast Asias biggest mosque with her husband on Wednesday, a day after an Indonesian minister had expressed reluctance to shake her hand. The much-anticipated visit to the Istiqlal Mosque in central Jakarta was one of the last stops on Obamas twice-postponed visit to Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim-majority country. Grand Imam Haji Mustafa Ali Yaqub showed the Obamas around the massive domed structure. Michelle wore a silky flowing chartreuse pant suit and beige head-covering adorned with gold beads and a black fringe. She also wore thin lace socks, having removed her shoes to enter the mosque. Earlier today, I visited the Istiqlal mosque - a place of worship that was still under construction when I lived in Jakarta, he said. Istiqlal means independence, and its construction was in part a testament to the nations struggle for freedom. Moreover, this house of worship for many thousands of Muslims was designed by a Christian architect.