BAHAWALPUR  -  Long term steps are being taken to ensure the provision of gas across Bahawalpur with full pressure, said Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) Regional Manager Malik Bashir Ahmad.  He said that a project is underway to replace a 11-inche pipeline from Khairpur Daha to Bahawalpur with 16-inch pipeline. He added that a huge amount would be spent on the 49-kilometre pipeline project and complaints of low pressure during the winter season would also be addressed.

He said that Ahmedpur Road Chowk Bhatta No1 to Model Town B, Model Town C to General Bus Stand 4-inch wide pipeline will be replaced with 8-inch line. On the replacing of the 4.5 kilometre long pipeline, around Rs80 million will be spent, he said. With the change of the line, Shahdra, Kausar Colony, Model Town B, Model Town C and its adjoining areas will have sufficient pressure of gas, he said.  He added that current pipeline with 4 inche of width was not enough for the needs, he said and added the project would start from December this year.

He said that the process of changing the pipelines throughout the city was in progress. He said it would reduce the line losses and rectify the complaints of low pressure. He added that replacing of pipelines in Model Town B had been completed. He further said that bribe and intercession culture in SNGPL matters had been finished and now every task is being done on merit.