Tlaxcala:- A teenager has survived after falling 40 metres from a theme park ride and landing on the canvas of a nearby fairground stall. Local media report the 18-year-old victim, named as Andres Perez, had been riding an attraction at a fairground in the state of Tlaxcala, central Mexico. The attraction was reportedly called Turbo Force, a pendulum that swings 360 degrees. Reports suggest the teenager fell from the ride at a height of 40 metres and landed on the canvas of a nearby stall which broke his fall. In the video, Perez can be seen lying motionless on the roof of the stall as onlookers record him and try to check he is okay.

Civil Protection officers were called to the scene along with the Red Cross and Perez was quickly taken to a nearby hospital, according to reports.

Antonio Carvajal Sampero, the man responsible for the organisation of the fairground, visited the victim in hospital.