California: Given that The Simpsons has been running for over 25 years you could probably draw links with pretty much any major world event, and yet, some people remain convinced the cartoon predicted the current Ebola pandemic back in 1997. In a scene from the episode ‘Lisa’s Sax’ being shared today, Marge suggests a sick Bart read a book entitled ‘Curious George and the Ebola Virus’. She then asks him if he wants “to colour something”, at which point he ominously points at a drawing depicting some kind of apocalypse where he is dead, there is blood and bodies everywhere and the sky appears to cry. The clip was posted as part of a discussion video by user Controversy7, who wrote alongside it: “Is there something we are not being told? Is it by pure chance & coincidence that the Simpsons would do predictive programming? There has been numerous predictions from The Simpsons which revealed futuristic events which came to pass. What of the Ebola recurrence in 2014? Is it planned or is it just by natural means? Ebola was not in the 90’s, but it happened long ago in the mid 70’s...–Independent