Multan - Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the PTI government does not believe in politics of deals, adding that the opposition tried to use FATF as a shield for getting a deal and then formed an alliance after failing into their efforts. 

Talking to media and addressing gatherings of workers here in different parts of Multan on Saturday, Mr. Qureshi disclosed that 34 meetings took place with the opposition on the issue of legislation on FATF. 

“They thought that they achieve their interests by using FATF legislation issue as a shield. They made all out efforts to get a deal and formed the alliance after getting disappointed,” he maintained. He said that people with different thoughts, ideologies and agendas got together in the alliance with one target to stop the process of accountability. He claimed that the opposition alliance would not sustain any longer since it was an unnatural alliance. He said that the government was not afraid of any APC or opposition’s rallies as it was part of political process. 

“The government will complete its term come what may,” he declared. He asked the alliance leaders to seriously consider as to what loss their rallies would inflict on masses in view of concerns regarding spike in Corona outbreak in coming days. 

The FM was of the opinion that criticising institutions was against national interest. “Those criticising our national institutions in the world are opponents of Pakistan. These people are appeasing the enemies of Pakistan,” he maintained. He asked opposition members to refrain from causing political chaos in the country as it would benefit the enemies of Pakistan. He said that national institutions worked for the welfare of Pakistan while staying within their limits and they were proud of Armed Forces of Pakistan. He claimed that the government asked the opposition to bring their proposals for holding of transparent elections in Gilgit-Baltistan but they refused. 

Says Tehreek-i-Insaf does not believe in politics of deals | Opp tried to use FATF as shield 

Mr. Qureshi was of the opinion that Kashmir had become an international flashpoint from a regional issue due to the efforts of the PTI government. He added that India launched propaganda campaign but failed to achieve her vicious goals. 

He claimed that the former governments were responsible for current wave of price hike. “Look at the growth of agriculture during last five years. It tells the whole story,” he added. He declared that there was no shortage of sugar or wheat in the country, adding that the government was striving hard to offer relief to the masses. He urged upon the mafias to show mercy on the masses.

He said that the USA acknowledged the role of Pakistan in peace process in Afghanistan. He asked UNO to play role for peace in Azerbaijan. 

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi said that government would hold by-elections in case Opposition parties extended resignations. 

He however, added that some parties in PDM were not in favour of resignations. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed these remarks in oath taking ceremony of traders at Shujabad road, here on Saturday evening. Qureshi observed that the country’s economy was heading towards revival and the Opposition should not create hurdles in that regard. “Political unrest can damage economy. Everybody knows that previous government is responsible for the weak economy. PTI government took some difficult decisions and put country’s economy on the way leading improvement.”

He urged masses to take notice of the undue criticism. He posed questions, who curbed menace of terrorism, annihilated locusts, performed outstanding services against novel coronavirus, dealt flood situation in Karachi and similarly performed some other services at national level.

Qureshi observed that Opposition was raising undue hue and cry over Gilgat-Baltistan Election. Instead of criticism, it should talk to government on electoral reforms. Some powers wanted to create unrest in GB, because it was part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.