OKARA-A PML-N and PTI leaders said the defence of Pakistan is in the strongest, most efficient and patriotic armed forces' hands, and flayed the political steps being taken by each other's party.

Former state minister and PTI leader Syed Samsam Bokhari said that the defence of Pakistan is in the strongest, most efficient and patriotic armed forces.

The Pak Army is enumerated among the best armies of the world while the country lacks sincere and loyal political leadership, he said. But only PTI head Imran Khan can steer the country out of crises, he added.

He said Khan had been struggling for carrying Pakistan to the zenith of economic stability and defence capability. The 35 years long era of corrupt leadership had bankrupted the country as they looted its wealth, resources and institutions. He said the PML-N set the records of corruption and befooled the nation. But now the people of Pakistan would not be defrauded by the PML-N, he said. The PTI, after coming to power, would recover the national wealth looted by the PML-N and the PPP leadership.

On the other side, a PML-N lawmaker said those raising the slogans change in the country were not sincere with the nation. The effective policies of the PML-N govt had brought down the loadshedding.

He said that Pakistan has rendered unparalleled sacrifices to fight terrorism and the Pakistani nation would succeed in its war against terrorism.

MNA Nadeem Abbas while talking to journalists said 6th of September is the day to revive the pledge of defending Pakistan. The Pak Army had been chasing the terrorists through operation Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasaad, he said. He said the glorious nations express their love for motherland even by laying their lives for the protection of their soil. He said disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister had brought ignominy to the country.