Moscow  -  In a historic opening up of relations between Russia and Pakistan, the foreign ministers of both countries are likely to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York.

With increasing defence cooperation, and investment by Russia in the energy sector moving forward swiftly, Pakistan and Russia stand poised to create a deep bond. One that would never have been thought possible just a few decades ago, due to the opposing sides taken in the Afghan War.

Speaking in Moscow, Pakistan’s ambassador to Russia, Qazi Khalilullah spoke about the common desire of Pakistan and Russia to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Qazi stressed that on the political level the last few years had seen a huge increase in activity of Pakistani government officials, up till the highest levels, meeting Russian counterparts.

Pakistan’s inclusion in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as a full member has also brought it closer to Russia, and in fact Pakistan’s participation in the SCO is with the full support of the Russian Federation.

The interaction between Russia and Pakistan at Sochi was also a significant event which will go down in history as a significant marker of increasing good relations between the two countries.




Special Correspondent