SADIQABAD - A provincial leader of the Mustaqbil Pakistan, a new political party, has pledged to bring new, honest and capable leadership to steer the country out of crises.

Syed Raashid Bukhari, the South Punjab president of the party whose primary objective is to bring about a fundamental change in the way politics is conducted in Pakistan, was of the view that since the establishment of Pakistan, all the rulers promoted unemployment, dearness and corruption.

“The Public was put into crises in return of their votes. Now Pakistan needs a leadership of good character. Insha’Allah Mustaqbil Pakistan will guarrantee prosperous Pakistan,” he added. He said his party would purge corruption, sectarianism, dearness, loadshedding and unemployment from Pakistan and make it a sovereign democratic Islamic state. He said that the currupt rulers of the country hoodwinked the nation and came to power and presented the nation’s tarnished image as ‘beggar’.

He claimed that his party would break the begging bowl and put the country on the way to progress and prosperity.