LAHORE - Twenty four pre-quarterfinals were decided in different age competitions of the 1st Punjab National Junior Squash Championship here at Punjab Squash Complex on Wednesday.

Tariq Siddique Malik treasurer Punjab Squash Association inaugurated main round of the championship and players were introduced to him.

Only one upset was recorded in day’s proceedings when Syed Husnain of Baluchistan beat Junaid Khan of Punjab 8/11, 3/11, 11/7,11/7,12/10 in 40 min in U15 age competition. All the other top seeded players qualified for quarterfinals in all under 15, under 13 and under 11 categories after winning their respective matches with ease and comfort.


Under 15: Noor Zaman (KP) beat Huzaifa Shahid (PB) 11/5,11/7,6/11,11/7 (26 minutes), Huzaifa Zahid (KP) beat Mohammad Ahmad (KP) 13/11,11/8, 11/7 (24 minutes), Abbas Nawaz (KP) beat WajiUllah (Kp) 11/5,11/6,11/2 (18 minutes), Mohammad Ashab Irfan (PB) beat Hussnain Ali (PB) 11/2,11/6,11/5 (14 minutes), Mohamad Hamza(KP) beat Mir Fayyaz (PB) 11/1,11/3,11/6 (13 minutes), Waleed Khalil (KP) beat Noman (KP) 9/11,11/4,11/2,11/7 (24 minutes).

Under 13: Usman Nadeem (PB) beat Talha Bin Zubair (PB) 11/5,9/11,11/5,11/4 (24 minutes), Mehmood Mehboob (PB) beat Sakhi Ullah (KP) 11/9,15/13,11/8 (27 minutes), M.Shoaib Afzal (KP) beat Omar Arshad (PB) 4/11,11/9,10/12,11/5,11/5 (34 minutes), Humam Ahmad (KP) beat Mohammad Asher Butt (PB) 11/6,11/7,11/2 (18 minutes), Anus Bukhari (PB) beat Saboor (KP) 11/4,11/7,11/4 (19 minutes), Ehsan Ali (KP) beat Zohaib Shahid (PB) 11/13,11/4,11/7,11/6 (31 minutes), Mohamad Hanif (KP) beat Zain Anwar (PB) 9/11,6/11,14/12,11/6,11/4 (40 minutes), Yaseen Khatak (KP) beat Mohammad Salahuddin (PB) 11/1,11/5,11/1 (14 minutes).




Under 11 : ,Abdullah Nawaz (KP) beat Shayan Khan (KP) 11/3,11/3,11/7 (13 minutes), Azan Ali (PB) beat Saim Asif (PB) 4/11,11/9,11/9,14/12 (30 minutes), Varun Asif (PB) beat Ubaid Ullah (KP) 11/7,11/6,11/4 (17 minutes), Abdullah Nadeem (PB) beat Huraira (KP) 11/9,11/6,11/2 (20 minutes), SaifUllah Tareen (KP) beat Abdul Ahad (PB) 11/0,11/2,11/8 (13 minutes).