HAFIZABAD-Local people flayed the government for demarking Hafizabad district as one National Assembly constituency.

The prospective candidates and the masses of Hafizabad district expressed their dismay and disappointment over the allotment of only one NA seat for the whole district which consists of 1,156,987 population and registered voters of 592,899.

They said that the population of the district in 1998 was only 832,980 and there were two NA seats but now the population of the district according to 2017 census has been increased to 1,156,987 but one of the two seats of NA has been reduced which is sheer injustice.

They called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan to retain two NA seats for the district as it would be impossible rather difficult for the prospective candidates to contact with the electorates in an area of 2367 square meter.

Moreover, they said that the people would be deprived of funds for development due to the reduction of one NA seat.