SWAT - Commissioner Malakand Zaheer-ul-Islam and Deputy Inspector General of Police, Swat Akhtar Hayat Khan Gandapur on Wednesday confirmed that that check posts and policing powers had been handed over to the civil administration in the valley.

They were addressing a press conference at Swat Press Club. The commissioner said that the civil administration resumed its powers after 9 years, which, he said, would be extended to other districts of the division as well in coming days. He said that Pak Army had taken control of the division under Section 245 of the Constitution during the strong hold of the militants in Swat.

Peace has been completely restored in the region and the civil administration is capable of handling the security affairs while the army would support the civil administration when required, he said.

DIG Akhtar Hayat Khan said that peace was stable owing to countless sacrifices of police, civilians and security forces, adding that Malakand police was stronger than ever after receiving training from Pak Army. They are capable to fight against terrorists, the DIG said.


Anti Terrorism Court, Malakand awarded 3 counts of death sentence to one Jumaraz for having raped and killed 5-year-old Madeeha Tariq in Bisham area of district Shangla.

The court slapped the convict with a Rs6 lakh fine for committing unnatural act with a juvenile. The verdict which was announced amid tight security also revealed that Jumaraz also had to pay Rs2 lakh as compensation to the bereaved family.

According to Senior Public Prosecutor Saeed Naeem, on June 21, 2017, Jumaraz spotted the 5-year-old who was on her way to a nearby store for buying something. Jumaraz took away the minor to his compound and brutally raped her.

During the act, Madeeha lost her life and the accused threw the body into a pond. Shangla police arrested the accused and started trial and after 9 months of hearing, the ATC announced its verdict in the case.  

Speaking to the reporters after the verdict, Madeeha’s father Tariq Aziz said that the accused should be publicly executed to set an example, adding that they were satisfied over the court’s decision.