RAHIM YAR KHAN - Extraordinary increase in coronavirus patients in Rahim Yar Khan, with a total of fifteen new patients in just one day.

The total number of corona positive patients in Rahim Yar Khan district now increased to 41.

Coronavirus was confirmed in a lady doctor and her two sons, who are a resident of Medical Colony in Sh Zayed Hospital.

District administration and District Health Authority appealed to the citizens to stay home.

According to details, 15 new patients received coronavirus report in Rahim Yar Khan.

Earlier, in the family of the doctor, her four nephews including her sister and  brother-in-law were confirmed coronavirus.

It is learnt that 4 of coronavirus infected persons belong to Tablighi Jamaat, District Health Authority has isolated all infected patients and their relatives are being quarantined.





Special FIA investigation team to investigate sugar dealers

Special FIA investigation teams arrived Rahim Yar Khan on Saturday to investigate sugar dealers.

It is learnt that FIA teams investigating sugar dealers with reference of millions of rupees “ benami” transactions in their bank accounts.

Sources said that said sugar dealers income tax returns are not widely matching with their bank accounts.

Sources said that it is expected that after issuing of forensic report of famous sugar scandal some sugar dealers may be arrested for having millions of black money. Remember special FIA teams had already conducted special audit of three sugar mills in Rahim Yar Khan which were JDW I & JDW II of Jahangir Tareen and Hamza Sugar Mills.