MIRPURKHAS - A meeting of hindu leaders Saturday decided to launch campaign from today to meet the government officials for redressal of their grievances and convince their community members not to leave Sindh.
The meeting was presided by Kanji Rano Bheel Advocate and was attended by Satram Sonani, Sarwan Kumar, Comrade Mewan Kumar, Ismail Bijani and others.
Talking to media after the meeting, rights activist Kanji Rano Bheel said that handbills would be distributed among the hindu community member to convince them not to leave their motherland.
He said that our delegation would meet with Mirpurkhas Divisional Commissioner Ghulam Hussain Memon and DIG police.  He said they would inform govt high-ups about law and order, kidnapping for ransom, dacoities, killings and money extortion problems being faced by hindu community. He said that delegation carrying Shah Jo Risalo and Bhagwant Geeta books would also meet elected representatives of minorities and hindu families requesting them not to leave this land as it was the motherland.
He alleged that 99 percent hindu girls were being forcibly converted to Islam while hindu businessmen were being forced to pay Bhatta and blamed that kidnapping for ransom had become common of Hindus in Sindh.
He further alleged that hindu temples, old Dharam Shala, graveyard, properties and agriculture lands were being occupied by criminals and land mafia in the province but despite lodging complaints to government officials, situation has not improved. He said hindu MPs are elected on special seats and that is why, they are non-representatives of people . They should be allowed o contest on general seats.