Peshawar          -        Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Labour and Culture Shaukat Yousafzai on Tuesday said that despite Covid-19, Chief Minister Mehmood Khan supervised and ensured work on BRT day and night, due to which the project had been completed and it would be formally inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 13 along with KP Chief Minister.  

Talking to media persons on the occasion of his visit of BRT, he said, “BRT is a big project that has been completed with transparency,” he said. No one can prove corruption in the project and if opposition has any evidence of corruption in this project bring it before the masses. Chief Minister Mehmood Khan himself will punish those involved in corruption.” 

The Minister visited the central room of the project from where the entire BRT would be monitored and security would be reviewed. He said BRT bus would reach Hayatabad from Chamkani in 45 minutes. It had a total of 31 stations and 220 buses and it would travel at its own speed according to the international standard. 

The first 2 lacs BRT ZU cards were being distributed free to the public, he added.  

Shaukat Yousafzai also visited various stations in BRT bus. He met the people and reviewed ongoing operation in the stations. 

The provincial minister said the project was a gift for the people of Peshawar from Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. The happiness of the people was worth watching because of this successful mega project.