KARACHI - KCCI Employees Union is facing great setbacks, even after restoration by the Sindh High Court. The registered trade body that has been working for the welfare of employees for last twenty-five years was dismissed in 2003. The KCCI Employees Union was a strong body involved in making asserting their rights as far as loans, house building finance loans and motorcycle loans are concerned. The KCCI elected members stronghold believed that nobody should talk about their rights and for their rights. KCCI members were presented with a three points of Charter of Demands by the Employees Union but to no avail. More poignantly, according to an anonymous source close to the Employees Union said that they have been barred from holding any meeting within the premises of KCCI Auditorium. It is pertinent to mention that by a single Bench of Sindh High Court comprising Justice Azizullah M Memon dismissed KCCI application against restoration of Chambers Employees Union (CBA) and upheld Labour Court order. Sindh Labour Court in June 2005 restored KCCI Employees Union after that KCCI approached SHC and got stay against Labour Court verdict. On November 24, 2003, Registrar of Trade Union had cancelled registration of KCCI Employees Union after holding inquiry. Chambers CBA challenging said order filed appeal in Sindh Labour Court. Now as of 7th December 2009, the Sindh High Court has once again restored the workers right by declaring it a body that works for the welfare of its members.