CHUNIAN - PML-Z Chief Mian Ijazul Haq said that Nawaz Sharif, who visited the tomb of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, should also go to the tomb of Ziaul Haq in Islamabad because it was Zia, who introduced him to the political arena and taught him the chapters of practical politics. The PML-Z chief was addressing a public meeting here at Nathey Singh Wala in Kasur on Sunday. Addressing the public gathering, Ijazul Haq said that he would spare no effort for the unification of all Muslim League factions. He pointed out that those who say that Ziaul Haq was a dictator must not forget that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto himself used to call Zia, his 'daddy. He argued that Bhutto remained a minister in Ayubs cabinet. The PML-Z chief said that Pakistan had been passing through a critical juncture not because of its enemies rather due Zadari and his cohorts. Ijazul Haq claimed that it was not possible for America to attach Pakistan on May 2, 2011 without the consent of the government. He favoured the report that Zardari and Haqqani were well aware of the US attack in Abbottabad. He contested the claims about the OBL presence and challenged that OBL was not there in Abbottabad as he had already been killed in Tora Bora way before. He said that if US was right in its claim about the death of OBL in Abottabad, it shall present proofs for the same, which might not come. The PML-Z chief claimed that Zardari would not come back until he was assured of the Injection of NRO. He said that the PML-N had the ability to lead the nation from the front if he left the role of friendly opposition permanently which had already caused the country irreparable damage. Ijazul Haq averred that the CoD between the PPP and PML-N was a rough document and should not be protected at the cost of nation. Pakistan is supreme and has become in the name of Islam, he stressed. Earlier, he was welcomed by thousands of citizens here in Kasur when he reached at shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah. He was hosted by Mian Muhammad Sharif and former district Naib Nazim Kasur Mian Sana Khaliq Karimi. Later, he was taken to Dera Mian Bradran at Nathey Singh Wala in a procession. The PML-Z chief claimed that the PPP and PML were like water and fire for each other. He recalled that few years back when he visited the house of PML-Q chief Ch Shujaat, he showed him the car which was hit by the terrorists of Al-Zilfiqar and they told me that they have still preserved that car in which Ch Zahoor Elahi was killed. He questioned that it was astonishing that the same Chaudries were now sitting in Al-Zulfiqars cabinet. He pointed out that the memo issue was very clear and even not needed to be investigated because Mansoor Ejaz had already provided ample evidence to ISI DG Gen Pasha. The restoration of 1973 Constitution is not a big deal as compared to the restoration 1400 years ago Constitution i.e Islam in our country, he claimed, adding that the Lota Cracy was a curse and the PML-N should not accommodate 'turncoats because it was against the spirit of democracy. He lauded Shah Mehmood Qureshi, saying that former foreign minister had set a good example by resigning from assembly and coming back to the people to join a new party. He said that the PMLN should urge Lotaas to resign and present themselves to the people for re-election. On the occasion, he also announced that Mian Mohammad Sharif would be the party Convener and Munir Ahmad Khan Saqi would be Media Advisor.