The change never came nor did the revolution. Hundreds of days on the road have surely left PTI in solitude with its hallmark U-turns and obsession with the midterm elections. But as Pakistanis have we learnt any lesson from this ongoing, never-ending debacle of a movement?

It might need sugarcoating rather a lot of it to gulp it down our throats that all the enthusiasts have somewhere in their hearts have come to this conclusion that Imran Khan was no harbinger of change.  He never was. He never could be. 

The power lies with the people, but here the overemphasis on heroism and frantic search for a leader has always shoved us Pakistanis towards more disillusionment and misery.  What we end up with is more disappointment and callousness within ourselves. 

Men and women have been for centuries tried and dethroned numerous kings and queens; replacing them usually with a new but fresh pack of oppressors guised under the garb of change.  No one could forget the way George Orwell summed it up in the parable Animal Farm.   It is undeniable how swiftly the equals move towards more equal in a matter of days.

It does not mean that revolutions are not important nor their significance can be downplayed but they themselves become major milestones in the psychic evolution of that very nation that brings it.  They move forward to gain the power for themselves as citizens of that country.

From Greeks to Romans and from French people’s uprising to the Ataturk-led revolution in Turkey, the dethroning of the rulers has provided the people with the chance to grow, to explore and to change the tides of the ordinary.  The important part we need to understand is that the incident may it be revolution or any sit-in does not guarantee a revolution that would simply change the lives of the common man.  In long run it would help empower and strengthen the people themselves but not in the way it has been portrayed by the leaders who lead it or who try to give an impression that once the present regime is toppled they would take everyone to the Promised Land.  

The revolution can be a step towards achieving the goals which again would take decades to shape up… till any substantial beneficial achievements are secured for the common people. But here standing at the D-Chowk and promising some heavenly door to open towards prosperity is nothing but a sham. It is as focused on the political gains of a specific party; unfortunately.

The jargon being used this time is misleading and fraudulent giving an impression that the parliamentarians across the board are nothing but evil personified.  Who can deny the corruption, incapacity and unwillingness on the part of those who are running the country but it is absolutely unjust and regrettable the way PTI leadership is posing as the best alternative to this set of politicians. 

On a very basic level, the election vows have not brought any solace to the voters of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  A party that has a chief minister placed in one province and cabinet members that are bound to spend most of their time in Islamabad – since they want to change the current regime – forget to see how they are an integral part of this current system.  

There was no salvation for people who actually have failed to grasp the idea of the revolution in the first place the only thing reiterated at these sit ins is how greener the pastures are on the other side . And since we love to remain in nebula of fantasy we play along the tune orchestrated by the others.  

The leadership here is focused on selling their version of politics as everyone does but the public has to think what are they all bargaining for? What revolution? What revolution means to Imran Khan and what do they expect it would bring to them?  They have to go beyond the shallow words uttered at these jalsas and sit-ins.  

It needs to be understood that revolution is a long path of uncertainty. Of blood and chaos. This is no boat that guarantees a smooth sail.  The ones who worry about the six hours load-shedding must be prepared to lose it completely if there is civil war and mayhem in the country. 

The nation has to collectively understand what it wants to achieve out of this commotion and what it has achieved so far.

With no clarity in the head, the public shall always be reduced to the status of crowd to be misled and paraded towards the abyss of misery and exploitation. The ones who have lost their lives in this Imran Khan-run show would mind losing their lives if they knew they were merely the pawns and in the game of chess it is only king that matters.

Geti Ara is a story-teller, journalist and a documentary maker