After a mob of around 1,000 people baton charged an Ahmadi place of worship in Chakwal, the Punjab government Monday reportedly sent in army to bring the situation under control.

A police official present at the scene claimed the charged mob was being dispersed after the people besieged the Ahmadi place of worship and chanted anti-Ahmadi slogans. The officer added that the situation was brought under control.

The provincial government earlier said it had directed the Home Department to address the situation. It also reported that a 'misunderstanding' led to the escalation of violence.

Earlier today, Jamaat-e-Ahmaddiya Pakistan spokesperson Saleemud Din said those present at the place of worship were forced to lock themselves in after at least 1,000 people stormed the place.

Din claimed that police were unable to control the situation. "The mob is pelting stones at the place of worship. Some people even resorted to aerial firing," claimed the spokesperson.