ISLAMABAD - Energy-starved Pakistan is to import 1000MW from Iran to meet its pressing national needs whereas Tehran has offered 3000MW.

Well-informed sources privy to the development told The Nation that federal government has decided to import electricity from Iran to overcome incessant energy crisis of the country and work on binging imported electricity has also been expedited to meet the widening demand and supply gap. They also informed that water & power ministry has dispatched a summary to the federal cabinet and sought approval for the import of 1000megawatt of electricity from Iran. 

A senior official at power ministry said that the ministry, after getting the necessary approval from the federal cabinet, would be able to start negotiations, sign memorandum of understanding, set conditions, fix power tariff etc with neighbouring Iran to meet the burgeoning energy needs of the country. He also told that Iran has already offered 3000mw to Pakistan to control the crisis crippling Pakistan economy for years. Pakistan is already importing 60mw of electricity from neighbouring Iran.

Earlier, water & power ministry called for the assessment of a draft memorandum of understanding with Iran for electricity import. According to that proposed project, Iran would build a power station in its southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan near the border with Pakistan to generate electricity for export. Similarly, a 500-kilovolt-power transmission line, stretching for 700 kilometers (about 435 miles), would be also set up from the Iran-Pakistan border to the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.

“A new transmission line would be constructed in Balochistan for the import of Iranian electricity to the country, he said, adding, that Irani electricity could be imported at Rs9/unit, which, however, would be cheaper in terms of cost being spent over the generation of power within the country.

Officials at power ministry are of the view that the sanctions, which were already imposed on Iran by US and world powers, did not applicable on power import from Iran. Increased power import from Iran would also leave positive impact on Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project. Earlier, federal cabinet had approved to sign MoU with neighbouring India for the import of 500mw Indian power to the country.