While many of us are waiting for Valentines to come in the hopes that an anonymous parcel will get dropped to our house filled with chocolates and teddy bears, in reality, none of that might happen. Living with that might be difficult enough, but that isn't where the torture stops. The world is full of super expensive things that many of us will never get. Here's a list of 5 uber expensive gifts you most likely won't be getting this valentines:

Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses – $383,000:

These sunglasses may not be the latest sunglasses to hit the market but they most certainly are extremely expensive ones. Priced at $383,000, they are apair of luxurious sunglasses with an authentic gold frame! We hope to find rip offs of these sunglasses one day at a Liberty market stall. Until then, the closest we will come to these is through a computer screen.

Amour Amour dog collar - $3.2 million:

The world's most expensive, diamond studded, dog collar comes at a price of $3.2 million. While most of us would invest such money (provided we had it) on something like property, there are some people in the world who wouldn't mind spending this money on a dog collar. A dog is, after all, man's best friend.

Marazzi design fitted kitchen - $463,625:

With the ongoing foodie trend in Pakistan, who wouldn't want to post photos of their food taken in the world's most expensive fitted kitchen? Created by UK-based firm Marazzi Design, this luxury kitchen features an array of super-expensive equipment, including a $10,357 two-tonne Rorgue cooker from Gordon Ramsay. This kitchen is ideal for modern day foodies and non foodies as well. Unfortunately, we doubt we'll be getting this anytime soon.

2016 Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Ford Mustang Convertible - $95,000:

Looking for gifts for him? Who doesn't like cars? Well, the Ford Neiman Marcus limited edition convertible is what any boy would want fro Valentines. Of course, the price tag that comes along with it cannot be ignored.

Hermes Bicycle - $4,252:

Okay so we decided to go for something more affordable if not a car and this is what we came across- a bicycle. Only, it's not exactly more affordable. This bicycle comes with a price tag that many second hand cars in Pakistan come with.