LAHORE: The two-day Mystical Sufi Music Festival ended on a high note on Sunday at Alhamra Cultural Complex with a stellar line up of Sufi singers and dancers from all over Pakistan to promote message of peace.

This festival was dedicated to the loving memory of Faizaan Peerzada, the man whose vision was to encourage Sufi traditions of this land and showcase them to the rest of the world.

The artistes that performed on the second day were Akhbar Khameso Khan, Shaukat Dholia, Suriya Khanam, Bazm-e-Liqa, Mai Dhai, PappuSain, SanamMarvi, Wahdat Rameez, Krishan Lal Bheel, Sher Mian Dad Qawwals, Wahab Shah, Sain Zahoor and Hadika Kiyani.

The opening performance was given by Akbar Khameso Khan group the legendary alghoza player from Sindh. Khamiso Khan played the traditional folk tunes of Sindhi culture on the instrument and one person from his group performed the Kathak dance on flute. He has toured many countries including Germany, Holland, France, Britian, Dubai, Abu Dubai, Nepal India, Sri Lanka, Iran and China.

The next performance was by Shaukat Dholia who also entertained the audience with his power pack Dhol beat. He started playing ‘dhol’ when he was just five years old. His inspiration was his elder brothers Yousaf and Arif who used to perform at shrines.

Wahab Shah, contemporary dancer, from Pakistan with group also provided great solace to the audience with his performance on the mystic music man Kuntu Maula.

Wahab Shah is a Choreographer/ performer of international calibre. He studied professional dance in Australia and acquired a bachelor’s degree in acting and dance.

SainZahoor internationally recognized folk singer which has received the BBC World Music Award in 2006. He has performed all over the country and in the last few years has traveled widely to many parts of the world including Britain, India, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

He sings as he plays the aiktara, the traditional instrument which the folk musicians played. He belongs to the ancient tradition of the roving minstrel who moved from one place to another playing the instrument and singing the kalam (poetry) of the sages. He performed the Kalam of Baba Bulleh Shah and set the mood of audience. His soothing voice which had unique vibratory tone in it was soulful and melidious.

Krishan Lal Bheel from Cholistan sang in his local language Marvai and brought out the true ethos of his land. He was dressed up in his local costume and created an aura through the various aspects of his performance. (Photos by Mohsin Raza)