LAHORE -  The Supreme Court on Sunday sought a detailed report within a week from inspector general of Punjab police regarding encounters taken place during last one year.

The three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar passed these orders while taking notice of extra-judicial killings in the province.

Hearing suo motu, the chief justice rejected home secretary’s request for 10 days to compile the report granting him seven days for the same.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Sunday also ordered the Punjab government to remove security barriers from a number of key points in the provincial capital, including the residences of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif in Model Town.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar passed the order, while hearing suo motu case on several issues of public welfare, including provision of clean drinking water and barriers and blockade of roads in different parts of the city, at the Supreme Court Lahore registry.

“We have ordered removal of barriers and if you don’t remove these barriers till mid night today then you come to the Islamabad,” the CJP remarked while passing the order. 

“If you don’t comply with the orders you will not remain the IG and even the chief minister will not be able to save you,” the top judge further remarked.

The bench ordered the Punjab inspector general of police to remove barricades outside Nawaz’s Jati Umra residence, Shehbaz’s Model Town residence and camp office, Governor House, Aiwan-e-Adl, outside Dr Tahirul Qadri’s residence and Shariah College of Minhajul Quran in Model Town, Jamia Al-Qadsia of Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, residence of late Punjab governor Salman Taseer, Qilla Gujjar Singh Police Station, passport office and other sites. However, the bench did not order removal of barriers outside the shrine of Hazrat Data Gunj Bakash (a.r), intelligence bureau, police lines, Irani and Chinese consulates, DG Rangers’ office.

The chief justice further observed that he will review the issue of barricades outside offices of security agencies and then make a decision on their removal.

The CJP directed the Home Department to assure the bench that the barricades would be removed by midnight on Sunday. He directed the IGP to submit report before the registrar on Monday (today).

“I have threats too, you should alert your forces,” the CJP remarked when the additional home secretary explained to the court that the barricades had been erected due to security concerns.

Chief Justice Nisar admonished security officers for keeping elected representatives confined at home, observing that the “CM is an awaami aadmi (man of people), he should say Shehbaz Sharif is not scared of anyone”.

When the chief justice asked Shehbaz if they are right in saying this, the Punjab chief minister also replied in affirmative.

CJP also admonished IGP and home secretary for insisting on to review court’s order relating to opening of roads.

“Khadim-e-Aala is serving the people. Let him do it. Allah is the protector.”

“What is the problem with you when the chief executive of the province has no issue,” the CJP remarked.

“Float a tender to erect an iron & lead wall around CM residence, so that no bullet, bomb can damage it and CM can enjoy a deep slumber inside after spending his energies in serving the people in the day,” the CJP asked IGP.

“One enjoys good sleep when he serves the people,” he also remarked.

“I am the CJP and also receive threats. But I don’t want to close roads around my residence,” he continued.

Chief Justice Nisar then remarked that the point was not to indulge in politics, adding that the judiciary and executive needed to work together to safeguard public rights.

He also thanked Shehbaz for appearing in the court.

Meanwhile, authorities on Sunday evening, launched a major operation to remove barricades and obstacles placed outside different key government installations and other sites in Lahore including the Governor’s House and Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

The move came after the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the removal of security barricades from several key sites in the metropolis.

Several officials of the city district government rushed to the sites on Sunday evening and launched the operation to clear the roads for general public.