Iffat Masood

Election is most important tool to run any democratic country. The meanings of democracy are to choose the leaders by the general public through elections. The right to vote makes people to choose and select the head of the state in the frame of democracy.

Elections and democracy are interlinked and help each other to work together. The basic role of election is to legitimize people’s authority. It gives mandate to officials to do their best. The other name of the election is public accountability and this accountability provide platforms for candidates and public to point out and discuss important issues and problems in the state and come to solutions.

This public authority through elections only show in the democratic countries. This public power to choose or to reject and power of vote prove the link between elections and democracy.

In democratic country, where everyone has right to speak and comment, mainstream media is also an important part of democracy. Media makes the minds, builds opinions and changes the thoughts. Although political advertisement is an old practice throughout the world but Pakistan adopted this fashion recently in 2013 more efficiently and working on these lines.

In election days politicians use media houses for their political campaigns. The political advertising and speech make the mind of public to cast a vote for them. Political advertising effects on voter’s mind and give motivation for vote and for particular political party. Political parties pay high amounts to promote their political aims towards public.

Scholars argue that political campaigns and advertisings play vital role to increase voter turnout and political knowledge. These political campaigns effect on voter’s mind and work to take any decision to cast a vote or not if yes than to whom.

More than60% population of the Pakistan based on young population. Young population of any nation are power and the future of the nation and the politics is the back bone of the country.

Role of young people in the politics affairs of the country is very important. To play positive and responsible role in the politics of the country,youth of the country should have updated politically.

From childhood to young age some factors worked for the political socialization; media is one of them to socialize the young people politically through different segments and the political advertising is most prominent.

On contrary there are some other factors which are playing more effective role on the minds of young generation then political advertisement for examplewith respect to political socialization, compared to female, the male has more political awareness.

Male members of the society are also more active in selection and conclusion. Pakistan has society in which men has more power and influence and the females are not given much political awareness and power to make decisions. To overcome this issue laws should be implemented to make sure the removal of gender inequality in the society.

When we talk about age groups then we see that Political socialization on the basis of age is somehow effects on political behavior.

Youngsters are more energetic than aged people that the reason youngsters are more active in politics. Political parties and the media persons should emphasis that both gender groups need different information according to their age level. As the male and the female of different age groups notably determine different political socialization. So different political ads and political strategies should be developed for different age and gender groups

Education in one of very important reason for Political socialization. on the basis of education this political interest varies on the different levels of education among youth.  High education definitely increases the level of knowledge and awareness which give directions to take part or to participate.there is difference among post graduates and under graduates for the political socialization through political advertising and cording to their exposure towards political ads.

If we observe socio-economic status of the youngsters regarding their political socialization, on three different aspects which are political awareness, political interest and political participation. there.Thisdemonstrates that in Pakistan the social and economic status of families do not particularly determine the making of political decisions. Effective Inter-personal communication of the parties helps in conveying their declaration along with media. For awareness in the members of the society and to enhance their decision-making power leaders from local societies should be chosen.

The trend of political campaigning in Pakistan is not very old so people are not much influenced by political advertising on television in making political decision and in political socialization in their real life,it indicates that there is an absence of correlation between requirement of the people, the political campaigning and media content. This political advertisement is not following people’s particular requirements. Media content should be in conformity with individuals’ values, standards, culture and routines.

The dissimilarity between the actual mankind’s problems and superficial political ads should be decreased in order for media to be the part of decision making.

The master minds of political ads and the media persons of the political parties should formulate and develop their services and content according to the societal requirements and demands.

Political advertisements should be on publics demands, in these ads should be power to motivate the people and specially an element of motivation for youngsters to take part in political affairs.

This will result in the development of the individual’s political awareness and interest. This will also firm people’s trust on political issues. It will increase the public participation in political activities.Political parties and political actors ensure that their political manifesto represents the grievances or issues of the country.

They also care about the media campaigns which are meant to create the awareness in public about the policies. The spending of money and efforts with genuine and solid media planning will be fruitful.

Otherwise all the efforts will be pointless. This strategy should be kept in mind for both mainstream and social media. The success of political parties lies in well planned, organized and active publicity.

Public dealing platforms and forums of all political parties and politicians should be professional and work actively, for the purpose of political socialization of general masses and the public for better political behavior.