Two years ago, I often asked this question from myself. My brain responded, “It’s being alone”. Being surrounded by many people but not sharing a bond with them. Being alone in your emotional distress, when you yearn somebody to be just sit by your side. Being alone in physical pain when you desire someone to silently understand your needs without your request because requesting hurts your ego or may be because this is what you expect from human relations.

But here I am, this experience of being alone is not as painful as we think it is. We all learn to survive with ourselves. We all learn to disentangle our distressful thoughts by ourselves. We all learn to adapt with the new circumstances of life. Yes, it’s true some learn although learning capacities vary but sooner or later we all learn to adapt ourselves with new situations. Adaptability with the changing circumstances is the most unique quality of living beings.

Today I will tell you what is more painful.

Its “contradictions” and what makes them more painful is the fact that these contradictions are not in our control. Our lives are surrounded by contradictions. If someone promises you that he will stay with you forever but after a month, he leaves you it’s a contradiction. If someone is raising slogans of equality but then imposes his decision on you – it’s a contraction. If one raises the banner of feminism but against women job in practical life - it’s a contradiction. Leaders rise to power by using populist dogma but then act opposite – it’s a contradiction. The expectation to have individualistic discipline in a family woven set-up, it is a contradiction. In this temporary life the urge to make permanent relations, is a contradiction to which we all fall as prey.

The real test is to cope up with these contradictions. We are all vulnerable as we are being attacked by these contradictions on daily basis. These contradictions are ultimately destroying our trust. Once trust is broken it’s hard to build it again. Let’s makes the other life easier. Let’s don’t play part in breaking other’s trust. The least we can do is not showing contradiction in our own behavior and this can only be achieved by keeping our promises consistent with our actions.