The Punjab government has vowed to end gender stereotypes this year by giving pink scooters to women. The announcement came after a hundred and fifty women participated in a motorcycle rally in Lahore as part of an empowerment project called Women on Wheels.

Here is what the people of Lahore think about it:

“So they’re giving pink scooters to women who will go out alone. It seems only fair then that they also give blue motorcycles to the men who harass them.” – Naughty Nadeem (human resource manager and video game enthusiast)

- “Pink scooters! That is an excellent way to mark the death of pop legend David Bowie. Now the most critical question is, what color will their helmets be?” – Shabnam Shirarty (beautician and dry cleaner)

- “I’m very glad now my wife will now be able to empathise with my road rage. She keeps telling me to ignore people and drive on. Let’s see how many people she can ignore before she gets angry and starts a physical fight with one of them.” – Lateef Lighter (executive chairman of human resource infrastructure development at private wireless engagement company)

- “We might need a few more flyovers and underpasses in Lahore because the traffic is just about to double. And good luck breathing!” –Daniyal Donor (development professional and freelance photographer)

- “The rally was fun, but the seminar before the rally was really boring. I appeal to the chief minister of Punjab, Chief Justice of Lahore high court, and the president of Pakistan not to allow innocent citizens to be forced to listen to seminars and lectures.” – Anonymous participant

- “Does that mean I will now do all the work at home, and then also be expected to run all the errands outside of home? Sure. Can I exchange my husband with a pink scooter?” – Zaibunnisa Zombie (housewife and part-time magician)

- “I don’t know about everyone else but I’m certainly okay with less women being killed in the name of honor and more women dying in traffic accidents.” – Bahadur Khan (doctor and part-time mobile-phone repairman)

- “It does help to have false sense of safety every now and then, especially when you’re on the street alone. But this should not turn into a sense of entitlement or a demand for more protection.” Billu Bulldozer (tea boy and amateur wrestler)

- “Yes! This is the best thing the government could do to prevent crimes against women.” – Kashif Kainchi (women’s tailor and part-time car mechanic)

- “Can a man ride a pink motorcycle? I’m willing to pay for the vehicle and expect no protection from harassment and name calling.” – Teetu Tamatar (librarian and part-time assistant archives manager)

- “Liberals on motorcycles? This will cause a sharp increase in incidents of drive-by offence-taking.” – Tidda Tandoori (founding member of Truck Drivers at Dhabas)

- “The scooter will at least give me an opportunity to quickly leave uncomfortable situations of street harassment directed at me because of my actual or perceived gender. But I do wish there was an easier way of getting empowered. I know men will eventually learn to accept women in public spaces. But during this education period, I don’t want to be the guinea pig.” – Sameena Sciencedaan (housewife)

- “I’m not a woman, but if I were, I’d wait until a government has shown how seriously it takes the protection of women in the streets before I take their pink motorcycle and start commuting alone.” – Maulana Mushkook (rickshaw driver and part-time political analyst)

- “I’m okay with women going out and driving scooters on their own, as long as they don’t have the freedom to decide where they go and who they meet. That should be my prerogative.” –Rana Rungbaaz (Railway engineer and stay-at-home dad)

- “It is my conviction that this move will help challenge gender stereotypes. Just you wait and see! Women will drive their motorcycles as recklessly as men, always in the wrong lane, holding their mobile phones between their shoulder and their ear.” –Hairan Khan (men’s rights activist and part-time women’s rights activist)

- “I still think Twitter was a better option, where women could get empowered in the safety of their homes, while also learning some cooking, cleaning and astrology tips.” –Chacha Chokanna (social media enthusiast and stay-at-home grandfather)