THE reasons why Jemima Khan's marriage to Imran Khan failed may be detailed for the first time in a new biography of the former Pakistan cricket captain. Four years after Mr Khan's divorce from Miss Khan (nee Goldsmith), the beautiful heiress once regarded as one of the world's most eligible women, the full reasons behind the break-down have yet to emerge. Both parties have fiercely protected their privacy despite their union capturing the imagination of the press and the public. However, the couple have now given separate interviews to Mr Khan's official biographer Frank Huzur. Miss Khan,34, spoke to him in London where she lives with the couple's two children Sulaiman,11 and Kasim,9. Mr Khan,55, spoke to the author in Pakistan where he campaigns for his Tehreek-e-Insaf party. A chapter of the 400 word book has been devoted to the marriage, which began with a brief Islamic service in Paris at the home of Mrs Khan's late father Jimmy Goldsmith in 1995. Miss Khan converted to Islam and moved to Pakistan to be with her husband. The book is reported to deal with Miss Khan's failure to settle in Pakistan and her struggle to adapt to life as a Muslim. Despite their difficulties, the couple's families are still said to be close. Mr Khan stays at his mother-in-law's house when he comes to England to see his children. - Daily Telegraph