The people affected by cyclone "Phet" have protested over shortage of food and medical facilities and raised slogans against the federal and provincial government in Gwadar. According to a private TV channel, the affected people of Gwadar have protested on "Fish Harbor Road" and the protest was organized by All Parties comprised on political parties and social organizations of Gwadar. The people were protesting against unjust distribution of food and other items and they complained of spread of epidemics. They underlined that several people are living in houses of their relatives as no camps and shelters were arranged. The affected people also complained that there have been no arrangements of clean drinking water in the affected areas. Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Lt. Gen (retd) Nadeem Ahmed while talking to a private TV channel told that there is no issue of shortage of food and medicines in the affected areas. The Chairman NDMA, however, said that the Civil Administration should take notice of the injustice distribution of food among the affected people. Lt. Gen (retd) Nadeem Ahmed said that he recommended the distribution of foods in ration bags at the doorstep of affected people, instead of distribution of food in queues. Responding to a question regarding shortage of medical facilities, the Chairman NDMA said that there are 24 medical teams operating in Gwadar.