LAHORE-By now it is a common fact that the much-anticipated rom-com Na Band Na Baraati is releasing on the festive occasion of Eidul Fitr, launching a couple of new faces like Komal Farooqi, Nayab Khan and Shayan Khan.

Shayan Khan is the lead actor of the movie. We decided to catch up with this young up and coming actor and he had a lot to talk about his movie and life in general.

The actor told us that he had great business instincts since a very young age. Shayan was born in Karachi before and later left for the United States with his family. Shayan told us, “My dad used to send me expensive gifts from abroad and I used to go to the Saddar area and sell off all those expensive items to make some big bucks.”

For starters, today Shayan owns many businesses in USA and he said that business always come quite naturally to him. Even as a kid, he would get great business ideas all the time.

We also talked to him about his passion for acting. He said, “Acting has always been a big part of my life. I have always been very active in all the extra-curricular activities at school, whether it was dramatics or sports, I would always be a part of it.”  Na Band Na Baraati, Shayan’s debut movie is releasing on Eidul Fitr and it also stars Mikaal Zulfiqar, Nayab Khan, Ali Kazmi, Komal Farooqi, Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho among others.

The movie Na Band Na Baraati is directed by Pakistani actor/director Mahmood Akhtar and produced by Zain Farooqi. Famous Indian writer Harish Kumar Patel has written the script of the film.  About his role in the film, Shayan said, “I am playing the role of a mischievous young guy who’s followed by trouble.”  When asked what made you sign the film, he said, “Several scripts were passed through our production studios and we liked the films script, and I was fitting in Zahid role.”

When asked do you think Na Band Na Baraati is the big ladder for you to enter in the world of showbiz, Shayan said, “Certainly, it’s a great film with an awesome cast, a film dream team. For me, being the first Pakistani artiste debuting straight to the big screen in over 20 years was a big deal. I hope people accept me as their hero.” About judgments by co-stars, he said, “Never, judgments are a part of our daily lives. Every time you meet someone you’re being judged, we are constantly being judge for everything from our clothes, walk, talk and style.”

About upcoming projects, he said, “There are many excited projects in pipeline but I can’t unveil them right now. This time I have high hopes from Na Band Na Baraati.”