KARACHI/PESHAWAR - Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPP-P), the official name of the PPP registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan, on Monday announced candidates for the upcoming polls from Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces for national and provincial assembly seats.

The party not only accommodated the top party leaders but also the dissidents and those who had switched loyalties from other political parties.

Bilawal Bhutto would be contesting polls from three National Assembly seats, from the party’s strongholds in Larkana, Karachi and Malakand. He would be contesting polls from NA-200 (Larkana-I), NA-246 (Karachi South-I), and NA-08 (Malakand).

PPPP President Asif Ali Zardari is contesting polls from NA-213 (Shaheed Benazirabad-I) while one of his sister Azra Pechuho would contest polls from PS-37 (Shaheed Benazirabad-I).

Zardari’s politically active sister, Faryal Talpur, would be an aspirant for provincial assembly seat of PS-10 (Larkana-I).

The PPP has not allocated tickets to both sisters of Bilawal Bhutto, Bakhtawar and Aseefa, despite talks that Aseefa would be contesting polls from PS-10 Larkana. Former chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and his daughter would be contesting elections from Khairpur as duo were issued tickets for PS-26 (Khairpur-I) and NA-208 (Khairpur-I) respectively. The other main leaders who will compete from Khairpur and Sanghar included Manzoor Wassan from PS-27 (Khairpur-II),  Ms. Shazia Atta Marri from NA-216 (Sanghar-II), Jam Madad Ali Khan from PS-43 (Sanghar-III) and Mir Nadir Magsi from PS-14 (Kambar-Shahdadkot-I)

PPPP has also accommodated leaders who had joined party after leaving their former parties. The party gave tickets to Imtiaz Shaiukh from PS-7 (Shikarpur-I), who left PML-F.

The PML-N defectors were also accommodated in the list and former PML-N Sindh president Ismail Rahu who joined PPP was given ticket from PS-74 (Badin-V), former PML-N MPA Humayaun from PS-113 (Karachi West-II), former PML-N MNA Abdul Hakeem Baloch fro NA-237 (Malir-II) and Sheerazi brothers, who recently joined PPP, from Sujawal seats.

Asad Mujahid was also accommodated from PS-96 (Korangi Karachi-V).

Former MQM-London leader who remained arrested with Prof Hassan Zafar Arif for supporting Altaf Hussain after his hateful August 22 speech, Amjadullah Khan was allotted ticket from Karachi Central on NA-253.

Former PTI women leader Naz Baloch was also accommodated from PS-127 (Karachi Central-V).

The Mehar and Makhdoom families which had developmed differences with the party recently over funds allocation and other issues were also accommodated by the party on provincial and national assembly seats.

Sardar Muhammed Bux Mahar and Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar were allotted tickets for contesting from PS-20 (Ghotki-III) and PS-21 (Ghotki-IV) respectively.

The Makhoom family got three party tickets from Matiari including a National Assembly and two provincial seats. Their candidates include Makhdoom Jameel-uz-Zaman from NA-223 (Matiari), Makhdoom Mehboob-uz-Zaman from PS-58 (Matiari-I) and Dr. Makhdoom Rafiq-uz-Zaman from PS-59

Malik Asad Sikander was also granted ticket from PS-82 (Jamshoro-III).

The other top party leaders who were allotted tickets included PS-9 (Shikarpur-III) Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani, PS-11 (Larkana-II) PPP Sindh President Nisar Khuhro, PS-18 (Ghotki-I) former provincial minister Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, NA-206 (Sukkur-I) Opposition Leader in National Assembly Syed Khurhsid Ahmed Shah, PS-25 (Sukkur-IV) former provincial information minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, PS-62 (Hyderabad-I) former local bodies minister Jam Khan Shoro, PS-63 (Hyderabad-II) former minister Sharjeel Inam Memon- who is facing charges in NAB court for corrupt practices, NA-228 (Tando Muhammad Khan) former federal minister Syed Naveed Qamar, PS-80 (Jamshoro-I) former chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and NA-243 (Karachi East-II) former deputy speaker Shehla Raza.

Abdul Bari Pitafi who recently defeated the GDA alliance having support of Mehars in the by polls from Ghotki was also allotted ticket from PS-19 (Ghotki-II).

The PPP eyeing a big mandate from Karachi after splits in MQM, has allotted tickets from Karachi to mainly its district leaders or new faces in the party but there are still some old and heavyweight faces in the list.

PPP Karachi division president Saeed Ghani, who also served as the provincial planning minister in outgoing tenure, was allotted ticket on provincial assembly seats from PS-104 (Karachi East-VI).

Other known party faces who will be contesting polls from the city included Zulfiqar Qaimkhani from PS-105 (Karachi East-VII), former Kutchi Abadis minister and PPP Karachi General Secretary Javaid Nagori from PS-107 (Karachi South-I), former Karachi division presidents Abdul Qadir Patel and Najmi Alam from NA-248 (Karachi West-I) and PS-110 (Karachi South-IV) respectively.

The party leader and son of late PPP leader Fauzia Wahab, Barrister Murtaza Wahab was allotted ticket from PS-111 (Karachi South-V).

The other key candidates from Karachi announced by the party included NA-236 (Malir-I) Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio, PS-87 (Malir-I) Muhammed Sajid Jokhio, PS-88 (Malir-II) Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch, PS-89 (Malir-III) Mr. Saleem Baloch, NA-238 (Malir-III) Mr. Agha Rafiullah, PS-90 (Malir-IV) Mr. Raja Razzaq, PS-91 (Malir-V) Mr. Mehmood Alam Jamote, PS-101 (Karachi East-III) renowned actor Ayub Khoso, PS-115 (Karachi West-IV) KS Mujahid Baloch, PS-118 (Karachi West-VII) PPPP Karachi women wing leader Dr. Shahida Rehmani, PS-123 (Karachi Central-I) former People’s Students Federation leader Faisal Shaikh, PS-124 (Karachi Central-II) former provincial minister Shamim Mumtaz, NA-254 (Karachi Central-II) Danish Turabi, NA-255 (Karachi Central-III) PPP District Central president Zafar Siddiqui and others.

Moreover, the PPPP announced the names of 24 candidates who would be contesting polls on the national and provincial Assembly from Khairpur, Sanghar and Qambar Shahdadkot districts of Sindh province.

The top candidates from other Sindh districts include NA-208 (Khairpur-I) Nafisa Shah, PS-26 (Khairpur-I) Syed Qaim Ali Shah, PS-27 (Khairpur-II) Manzoor Wassan, NA-216 (Sanghar-II) Shazia Atta Marri, PS-43 (Sanghar-III) Jam Madad Ali Khan, NA-217 (Sanghar-III) Mr. Roshan Din Junejo, PS-44 (Sanghar-IV) Mr. Faraz Dero

PS-45 (Sanghar-V) Mr. Shahid Thaheem, NA-202 (Kambar-Shahdadkot-I) Mr. Aftab Shaban Mirani, PS-14 (Kambar-Shahdadkot-I) Mir Nadir Magsi, NA-203 (Kambar-Shahdadkot-II) Mir Aamir Magsi, PS-16 (Kambar-Shahdadkot-III) Sardar Khan Chandio.

Furthermore, the party also announced the list of 137 party candidates for National and Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and formerly FATA on Monday.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto would be contesting the polls from one of the National Assembly seats in the province which is NA-8. Central party leaders Faisal Karim Kundi would be contesting polls from NA-38 (D.I.Khan-I) while his relative Ahmed Karim Kundi from PK-96 (D.I.Khan-II) Ahmad Karim Kundi.

Another top leader Syed Akhunzada Chattan would be contesting polls on two seats from NA-40 (Bajaur Agency-I)and NA-41 (Bajaur Agency-II).

According to a press release issued by the party secretariat, the constituency and candidates are NA-1 (Chitral-I) Saleem Khan, PK-1 (Chitral) Ghulam Muhammad, NA-2 (Swat-I) Mehboob ur Rehman, PK-2 (Swat-I) Nawazish Ali, PK-3 (Swat-II) Shahi Khan, NA-3 (Swat-II) Shaharyar Ameer Zeb, PK-4 (Swat-III) Irfan Chattan, PK-5 (Swat-IV) Ameerzeb Shaharyar, PK-6 (Swat-V) Mukhtiar Raza, NA-4 (Swat-III) Qamar Zaman Khan, PK-7 (Swat-VI) Ehsan Ullah, PK-8 (Swat-VII) Syed Akbar Khan, PK-9 (Swat-VIII) Nasir Ali Shah, NA-5 (Upper Dir) Najam-ud-Din Khan, PK-10 (Upper Dir-I) Malik Badshah Saleh, PK-11 (Upper Dir-II) Sahibzada Sanaullah, PK-12 (Upper Dir-III) Najam-ud-Din Khan, NA-6 (Lower Dir-I) Ahmed Hassan, PK-13 (Lower Dir-I) Zamin Khan, PK-14 (Lower Dir-II) Bakht Baidar Khan, PK-15 (Lower Dir-III) Mehmood Zeb Khan, NA-7 (Lower Dir-II) Syed Shahid Jan Advocate, PK-16 Iqbal, PK-17 Muzaffar Khan, NA-8 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, PK-18 Humayoon Khan, PK-19 Syed Ali Shah Bacha, PK-20 (Buner-I) Johar Ali Khan, PK-21 (Buner-II) Fazal Hadi, PK-22 (Buner-II) Syed Shamsher, NA-10 Hamid Iqbal Khan, PK-23 (Shangla-I) Dr Afsar-ul-Mulk, PK-24 (Shangla-II) Zaidullah, NA-11 (Kohistan-Lower Kohistan-Kolai Pallas Kohistan) Saif-ul-Malook, PK-25(Kohistan Upper) Zar Buland Khan, PK-26 (Kohistan Lower) Abdul Aziz Khan, PK-27 (Kolai Pallas Kohistan) Dr Saifur Rehman, NA-12 (Battagram) Sardar Malik Jan, NA-13 (Mansehra-I) Ahmed Hussain Shah, PK-30 (Mansehra-I) Ahmed Hussain Shah, PK-31 (Mansehra-II) Nadir Khan, PK-34 (Mansehra-IV) Maqsood Khan, NA-14 (Mansehra-Torghar-II) Shujah Khan, PK-32 (Mansehra-II) Shujah Khan, PK-33 (Mansehra-III) Dr Wazir, PK-35 (District Torghar) Laiq Shah, NA-15 (Abbottabad-I) Sardar Manzoor Mumtaz Abbassi, PK-36 (Abbottabad-I) Sardar Manzoor Mumtaz Abbassi, PK-37 (Abbottabad-II) Nasir Hussain, NA-17 (Haripur) Shaesta Naz, PK-40 (Haripur-I) Ejaz Durrani, PK-41 (Haripur-II) Raja Javed, NA-18 (Swabi-I) Gohar Inqalabi, PK-43 (Swabi-I) Zulfiqar, PK-44 (Swabi-II) Tahir, PK-45 (Swabi-III) Sikander Irfan, NA-19 (Swabi-II) Naeem Khan, PK-46 (Swabi-IV) Ibne Aman Khan, PK-47 (Swabi-V) Malik Jahan Akbar, NA-20 (Mardan-I) Khawaja Khan Hoti, PK-48 (Mardan-I) Jawad Khan Baizi, PK-49 (Mardan-II) Mrs Khaista (w/o Late Abdul Akbar Khan), PK-50 (Mardan-III) Khawaja Khan Hoti, NA-21 (Mardan-II) Iftikhar Ahmed Farooq, PK-51 (Mardan-IV) Bakhtawar Khan, PK-52 (Mardan-V) Auranzeb Hoti, PK-53 (Mardan-VI) Ikramullah Shahid, NA-22 (Mardan-III) Shoaib Alam Khan, PK-54 (Mardan-VII) Malik Ejaz, PK-55 (Mardan-VIII) Raheem Dad Khan, NA-23 (Charsadda-I) Manzoor Bashir Tangi, PK-56 (Charsadda-I) Ameer Nawaz, PK-57 (Charsadda-II) Naeem Khan Omerzai, NA-24 (Charsadda-II) Pir Aftab, PK-58 (Charsadda-III) Alam Khan, PK-59 (Charsadda-IV) Babar Ali Sardaryab, PK-60 (Charsadda-V) Javed Iqbal, NA-25 (Nowshera-I) Khan Pervaiz, PK-61 (Nowshera-I) Pir Aslam, PK-62 (Nowshera-II) Major (r) Baseer Khattak, PK-63 (Nowshera-III) Liaquat Shabab, NA-26 (Nowshera-II) Feroze Jamal, PK-64 (Nowshera-IV) Raza Saeed Babar, PK-65 (Nowshera-V) Dawood Khattak, NA-27 (Peshawar-I) Asma Arbab, PK-66 (Peshawar-I) Karamat Chagharmati, PK-67 (Peshawar-II) Razaullah, PK-68 (Peshawar-III) Malik Tamash, NA-28 (Peshawar-II) Daud Burki, PK-69 (Peshawar-IV) Sharif, PK-70 (Peshawar-V) Ghazanfar Ali, NA-29 (Peshawar-III) Ghazanfar Ali, PK-71 (Peshawar-VI) Amanullah Khan, PK-72 (Peshawar-VII) Manzoor Khalil, NA-30 (Peshawar-IV) Arbab Alamgir, PK-73 (Peshawar-VIII) Yasin Khalil, PK-74 (Peshawar-IX) Arbab Zarak Khan, PK-75 (Peshawar-X) Misbah-ud-Din, NA-31 (Peshawar-V) Ziaullah Afridi, PK-76 (Peshawar-XI) Ziaullah Afridi, PK-77 (Peshawar-XII) Zulfiqar Afghani, PK-78 (Peshawar-XIII) Zahir Ali Shah, PK-79 (Peshawar-XIV) Umer Khitab, NA-32 (Kohat) Pir Dilawar Shah, PK-80 (Kohat-I) Shakoor Khan, PK-81 (Kohat-II) Abdul Manan Bangash, PK-82 (Kohat-III) Mehmood-ul-Islam, NA-33 (Hangu) Ulfat Hussain, PK-83 (Hangu-I) Dr Ulfat Hussain, PK-84 (Hangu-II) Ghazi Jan, NA-34 (Karak) Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan, PK-85 (Karak-I) Dr Zaman Khattak, PK-86 (Karak-II) Jehanzeb Khattak, NA-35 (Bannu) Syeda Yasmin Safdar, PK-87 (Bannu-I) Sher Azam Wazir, PK-88 (Bannu-II) Mehar Sultana, PK-89 (Bannu-III) Idrees Khan, NA-36 (Lakki Marwat) Inam Inqalabi, PK-92 Sakhi Marjaan, PK-93 (Lakki Marwat-III) Mashal Azad, NA-38 (D.I. Khan-I) Faisal Karim Kundi, PK-95 (D.I. Khan-I) Najaf Ali Bukhari, PK-96 (D.I. Khan-II) Ahmad Karim Kundi, PK-97 (D.I. Khan-III) Qayyum Nawaz, NA-39 (D.I. Khan-II) Nauran Gandapur, PK-99 (D.I. Khan-V) Inam Tajo Khel, NA-40 (Bajaur Agency-I) Syed Akhunzada Chattan, NA-41 (Bajaur Agency-II) Syed Akhunzada Chattan, NA-42 (Mohmand Agency) Malik Israel, NA-43 (Khyber Agency-I) Hazrat Wali Afridi, NA-44 (Khyber Agency-II) Sohail Afridi, NA-45 (Kurram Agency-I) Dr Arif Hussain Turi, NA-46 (Kurram Agency-II) Sajid Hussain Turi, NA-47 (Orakzai Agency) Iqbal Hussain, NA-48 (North Wazristan Agency) Malik Ghulam Wazir, NA-50 (South Waziristan-II) Amanullah Wazir and NA-51 (FR-Areas) Ikramullah Shah.