LAHORE - The agreement between Hamza Shehbaz Sharif and Ayesha Ahad is bound to go a long way to water down personal issues of this sort at political level in a situation when elections are round the corner and no one would like mudslinging.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar took Ayesh Ahad case like a family case and dealt with it like an elder of the family although he did everything within the parameters of law. Instead of hearing the matter in the public gaze, he along with other two judges took up the plea in the chamber where both the parties reached an agreement to the effect that they would withdraw cases against each other and would not speak on the matter in public. Both the parties agreed to it although the court had also addressed the core issue of alleged marriage of Hamza and Ayesha. The court had in the mind nature of the issue and the current situation and acted to save it from becoming politically exploitative wherein the judiciary is already being targeted by certain political elements.

The court had very easy course of entrusting the matter to the JIT investigation after two FIRs had been registered against Hamza, the son of former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif. But it adopted the way that best suited the situation and preserved respect of both, particularly of the lady, from getting tarnished any further.

The court also did well by not dragging the matter too much that could have provided a juicy material for the media reporting and factored a situation for a different and difficult outcome.

It has been seen that the cases wherein politicians and persons of eminence are involved are flashed too much for the public consumption, but they hardly leave a positive impact on the society.

Previous to it, there was also a reconciliation episode between Sapna Khan from showbiz and politician Dost Muhammad Khosa who had married her in 2007, but she mysteriously disappeared after some time, leaving the apprehensions of being murdered. Sapna family had blamed Dost for the murder and had moved the court of law for registration of an FIR.

When senior politician and father of Dost Muhammad Khosa, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, announced to join the PTI and quit PML-N, and the issue of Sapna Khan once again came into limelight. The family members of Sapna next day announced to withdraw the cases which closed the chapter of a decade-old painful story. 

Ayesha Ahad and Hamza Shehbaz case has been a high profile over the last seven years, after Hamza disowned marriage to Ayesha, which she said was solemnised in the presence of driver and friends of Hamza. However, Hamza denied marriage after some time. She claimed and alleged that Hamza got him tortured through the police and his goons to silence her. She made an appeal to the CJP who took notice of it and heard her case last week. The CJP not only provided her with security on request but also allowed her to take the legal course of getting an FIR registered against Hamza.

Ayesha, the mother of a girl, wanted Hamza even to divorce her, but he never accepted her as his wife as such he found no reason in divorcing her.

When Ayesha Gulalai of PTI rebelled against Imran Khan and levelled serious allegations of sexual harassment against him, Ayesha also came to get her right against Hamza as Gulalai issue had focussed on the rights and respect to Pakistani women in the male-dominant society.

Khan is once again on miry ground on account of similar allegations and questions from his former spouse Rehan Khan who has written a book on her marital life with him. And whether the truce between Ayesha and Hamza and their promise not to speak against each other will also have any effect on Imran-Reham episode for the sake of calm and smooth situation before the polls is a question striking many minds at the moment.